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  1. The GAME BREAKING Glitches

    That's a possibility, but I'm convinced that its a corrupted save file, so the best thing i can do is use cheats to get my stuff back perhaps in a new save.
  2. The GAME BREAKING Glitches

    This is the fourth playthrough of mine to be glitched (late game playthroughs). First Glitch: (hasn't happened only once, same with every other glitch) My shops are completely empty, no money, no items Second Glitch: The save file just wont load Third Glitch: My inventory is completely empty...
  3. Bug reporting site

    This website doesnt even work for me
    not sure if it does anymore for anyone
    but i know i shouldnt be posting here and i know i should be using better grammar and stuff but im to stressed out
    this game is way too glitchy for me and the glitches always happen when im late into the game
    please help me give me every possible bug fix for a steam version of M&B i will try all of them. I have had no playthrough at all that hasnt been interrupted by some bloody glitch like the stores or my inv being empty
    or even just not letting me load that save
    PS, add me on steam i proabably wont see anything on the forums: AStyle with a vampire robot looking profile pic (warframe)
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