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  1. Resolved "Mounted Archer" Bow perk doesn't seem to work

    Yup, just tried to use Noble Longbow on me horsie and no worky still
  2. Javelins and Brigands and Tears

    I'm playing on 100% damage. Personally I think javelins are just insane. I can live with getting one-punched into next dimension by one ocassionally, but I find it kinda riddiculous just how many perma deaths they cause, especially agains very high tier troops. And worst of all, those are...
  3. Resolved Parties en route to join army don't seem to account for strength correctly

    Summary: Enemy is gathering it's army and I moved to intercept lone parties that are easy pickings 20% vs 80% estimated strength. Instead of fleeing, the party willingly attacks me, demands surrender. In the actual battle the AI is agressive (attacks straight away) and gets absolutely...
  4. Resolved Nearby bandit base companion dispatch - Need to send 11 instead of 10 troopers

    Summary: Nearby bandit base companion dispatch - Need to send 11 instead of 10 troopers (+ a companion, party size ends up 12/11), otherwise I get message "Insufficient troop count! Troops should be at least tier 2!" How to Reproduce: Nearby bandit base mission done by companion Qarais the...
  5. Companion Prisoners

    You can ransom companions back via the broker in taverns.
    I'm a different person from OP, but when I try to ransom my companion from the broker in the tavern, the companion list comes up empty :/
  6. Ransoming companions?

    My companion got captured and is being held in Qasira dungeon. Talked to a ransom broker in Qasira tavern, but when I ask about ransoming companions, there is none there Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong?
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