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  1. Player War Diplomacy

    I made a whole thread about it already. Look up "Peace System" thread. Basically the developers said "Its fine the way it is" and offered ways for to mod it.
  2. Peace system

    Of course, though, generally, these kind of modding requests would best be made in the modding board where Dejan processes them (or on the discord where Mray and Awomoruton [among others] tend to directly engage).
    Thanks, didn’t know there was a place for that. Much appreciated
  3. Peace system

    I guess this comes down to personal preference. At least to me it seems likely that a portion of players would find it just as much if not more frustrating if the only way to end a (regular) war was to destroy the enemy. We do have such a thing as part of the main storyline, but that is isolated and optional.

    Yep, that would be fine.
    Fair enough, however can you at least consider changing the "ConsiderPeace" method to a public vs private method so I can just mod it? lol
  4. Peace system

    Afaik both sides agree in that the peace offer is calculated based on what the other side would agree to. That's also why the AI peace offer to the player is better than if the player initiated a kingdom decision to achieve peace with them. The former is an offer that satisfies a kingdom decision on the player side whereas the latter satisfies the decision on the AI kingdom side. This approach was chosen in part to avoid cases where one side drains another of influence by making repeated offers that they would have to spend influence (voting) on to reject again and again.

    TLDR: It doesn't dictate a peace, it just simplifies the agreement process - if the conditions did not satisfy the majority of enemy lords, they would simply redeclare as soon as they can (which they will also do once changing conditions exceed the benefits of the arrangement).

    x != kingdom && !x.IsAtWarWith(kingdom) && x.GetStanceWith(kingdom).PeaceDeclarationDate.ElapsedDaysUntilNow > 20);
    First of all, thank you for responding, its appreciated.

    I understand the thinking behind this as you explained it. However, this leaves every kingdom the ability (even the AI) to never really feel the heat of a war, especially the player. By late game I usually have 1-2 million with plenty of income to spare, this leaves me the ability to just say "oh, another kingdom just declared war on me after I JUST declared war on the first one, let me peace out all they want is 5k in tribute, no problem." I personally dislike the election system when it comes to making war/peace decisions as a ruler. Its fine for policies, but even fiefs its iffy at best, but thats not the issue at hand. The election system is creating other decisions around it such as, "well we cant let another kingdom say flat out no because the AI will just reoffer peace over and over and waste their influence." When I declared war on kingdom A, I am taking the risk that another kingdom could potentially take advantage of that and gun for me. However, and ive seen this with the AI as well, no matter how soon the war started you can immediately peace out. That absolves any kingdom (AI or player but especially the player) of true reasonability for their actions. Kingdoms should be able to tell me no. Sure, based on an algorithm, 1 day of war is worth 10k tribute, but if you think about, whats to stop me from NEVER having to actually fight a kingdom. If I have 5 million in gold and I just peace out everytime someone declares war on me, or im in two wars at once, they can NEVER fight me. They dont have the chance. I can forever just pay them, make them rich, and never fight a single battle with them.
  5. Peace system

    Just wanted to ask others for an opinion here. Does the peace system make sense to you? “I’ve made a couple of mods so I’ve looked at the code in detail. Basically, whether it’s you, or ai factions, when a faction wants to make peace, the faction deciding to make peace makes the final call. That...
  6. Speculation for mod implementation

    I think they already have a take on how to prevent factions from going too powerful and conquering everything.

    This is supposed to be available in version 1.5.6. I saw a quote from a dev somewhere that they are waiting on test results on SP before releasing it, so hopefully we can have this new version next week or the following.
    True, however it seems like they are just fixing how factions handle themselves during wartimes and how they are able to recover. It does not seem to address how they declare war; so I assume it will still be random. Even if factions are able to handle themselves better, if war declarations are still random it wont solve the problem of a faction getting too big. It may take longer for them to do so as the other factions will present more resistant, but is still possible. The problem still remains, it will just take longer to happen
  7. Speculation for mod implementation

    Hey everyone, I’ve been getting into the modding scene here recently trying to make QOL mods until Taleworld’s implements them. Currently the system that Taleworlds have implemented for faction wars have the faction pick another random faction, check if they can pass it through election, if they...
  8. Faction defense suggestion

    As the player, we are able to attack an assaulting army during an on going siege. Notably, we are able to “help” the garrison. If we have say 100 troops in our party, and the garrison has 200, we now have 300 troops to fight. What I’ve noticed is that the ai cannot help the garrison. If the...
  9. Taleworlds please get to work

    This is nearly impossible to read, try adding some periods and maybe format it into a couple paragraphs or something.
  10. Diplomacy Developments

    Thank you mexxico! Thank you for communicating with us and accepting our feedback. I have not exactly been happy with progress thus far youve earned my gratitude and showed us your commitment. Keep up the good work!
  11. Part of the problem with Sturgia getting rolled early:

    I can make a mod that decreases the ScoreOfDeclaringWar if the faction is already at war. But later, now I'm busy with other things.

    This would be fantastic if you could do this and if you do, thank you in advance.
  12. Asking for opinions on peace

    First and foremost, this is extremely low priority for me considering all the other things currently dampening the game, but I wanted to ask if anyone is bothered by the fact the AI is unable to tell me “No” for peace? The new system makes it hard to overrule your vassals, like 2000 influence...
  13. Too easy to negotiate peace

    My biggest problem with the implementation is that they cannot REFUSE. In warband you ask for peace and they could say “blah blah is not willing to conclude a peace”. If you have enough currency and denars you literally force them to make peace with you, even if they are winning. You have the ultimate say in whether or not you are at war if you have the finance/influence support. Same goes with other ai factions
  14. Anyway to save formations?

    They have recognized this as a bug and are going to fix it, just have to wait
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