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  1. Laser accuracy for defenders

    Thank you Hoboistice!
  2. Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    So are all wars fights to the death? I've been involved in a couple now, and have never been able to conclude a truce with anyone. They always want to fight a bit longer "for honor" or whatever. Alban for example, after every single battle and every town and fort I took I sent an emissary asking for peace (Solveig, persuasion 9) and every time they turned me down, even when they only had one fort left.

    Also is the "I want to make peace" dialog when talking to an enemy lord supposed to actually do anything? I never get any response other than "trip on your sword". Is this just a pointless dialog topic?
  3. Viking Conquest 2.032 [released]

    I think it's friggin awesome that you folks are still working on and supporting VC. If you do a version for Bannerlord whenever that comes out it'll be a day-one buy from me  :grin:

    Keep up the awesome work!
  4. How can a king get married?

    Yeah that totally worked, like a day after naming a marshal a feast was declared. Flirtin' with my lords daughters all up in here now.

    Thanks again!
  5. How can a king get married?

    I will try that, thanks guys!
  6. How can a king get married?

  7. How can a king get married?

    Yeah I did search that thread and didn't see anything that looked related to my question.

    Didn't know my vassals would throw feasts. Been at peace for months now and they haven't thrown one that I know of. probably bad luck there.
  8. How can a king get married?

    Started a game as king of UiNeill (of course, like 4 days before the update dropped). Now that I've conquered the northern half of Ireland I'm thinking about settling down with a wife... but I'm not sure how. I've been visiting a few ladies from rival kingdoms, but obviously their fathers won't...
  9. Gather companions

    Thanks, I'll see if I can do anything with that.
  10. Gather companions

    Hello! I know some mods have an option at the start to gather all the available companions together at the start of the game to make recruiting a lot easier, instead of having to run around every town on the map to see if they're there. Any idea if that sort of thing could be modded into VC?
  11. Can't recruit high level troops

    I'm helping!  :lol:
  12. Can't recruit high level troops

    1. Yes, I think (but not 100% sure, very sorry) the only tweak I have is the change negative companion effect from here:,323613.msg7900123.html#msg7900123


  13. Can't recruit high level troops

    I'm king of UiNiall, lord of Ailech. The town likes me so I'm able to recruit higher level troops like Cliarthere (or however you spell it). I opt to hire them, the money is removed, but no troops are added to my army. I am not maxed out on troops either. I know no troops are hired because I...
  14. Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    Thanks, I'll double check, I swear I did that and saw no option.
  15. Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    Is there a way to make companions into vassals? I'm a king and I want to give them land and armies.
  16. Tweaks for Viking Conquest (one for 2.028, others for 2.021, 2.012, 2.010 etc)

    Related to the above request, how about adding in fief-reassignment in general? Kinda surprised that's not in the base game.
  17. Feedback

    Oh god the female models in this mod are horrible. Like, truly cringe-inducing.  Great mod otherwise!

    I'd love to see this mod expanded upon. The weapons, the map, the ambiance, all are really great for what's basically a one-man-show. Cheers! Hopefully you can find some coders who are interested.
  18. SP Musket Era WFaS Enhanced Unofficial 1.86a

    Ah ok didn't know to wait, thanks!

    Yeah I'll start my own kingdom soon. Just really annoying to see my current team doing sooo badly :grin:

    Thanks again! Great mod!
  19. SP Musket Era WFaS Enhanced Unofficial 1.86a

    Hi! I just started playing this a few days ago, haven't updated to.86 yet, but I have a problem I don't see listed in the fixes.

    I've joined Sweden (lazy bastards, more on that later). And I've stopped in Reval to see about getting new troops and weapons... when I talk to the garrison commander to hire troops, I can choose them, and I pay the money, but I get no troops. I have space available in my party.

    And Sweden... just *****ing here I'm sure this isn't something you'd have any control over (I think) modding-wise, but I gotta vent :grin:

    I joined because it was said they have an awesome army, and their dudes are tough. But they don't do anything! They won't siege cities! They took a couple from Poland at the beginning of the game, but now all the lords just sit in their northern cities, as all the Polish cities were retaken. It's driving me insane, there's lords with 300 man armies patrolling around Reval where there are no enemies and haven't been any the whole game. The Polish have like 9 armies and Sweden has 20, and Sweden is losing!

    But again, I'm sure this is just the vagaries of the game, but holy **** is it frustrating. Luckily I'm getting strong enough to where I can start taking cities myself.

    Oh also, if I update to .86 will I need to start a new game?
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