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  1. In Progress No Garrison

    This has more to do when you are the owner of the settlement. I can take a settlement as ruler and go into it and other clan lords provide no garrison. I exit the settlement, vote some other lord as owner, go back in, then the other lords will all donate to the garrison. They SPECIFICALLY do not donate troops to the player's garrison. What you are referring to, Swally, is when other parties are low on troops they don't put extra troops in the garrison. That is something that actually makes sense. They are aware of this issue, for sure. But my point is its a MAJOR issue that has existed for over 3 months (and possibly significantly longer) that still has not been given any priority for resolution.
  2. Forum Bug/Issue/Error Reporting

    (shrugs) I use google chrome for the browser & don't use a separate VPN thing so I wouldn't expect that to be the problem. I've gotten in OK the last 2 days though, so hopefully whatever the problem was has resolved itself.
  3. In Progress No Garrison

    This continues to be a problem (at least) 3 months after being reported. I think I can clarify the problem a little from what was reported above...

    When the player owns a castle or town lords that are not from his clan do not contribute to the garrison. So I (or fellow clan members) are the only ones contributing to my garrison. What is much worse is when I am the ruler of the clan. When I am the ruler all holdings taken are given to me before being voted on by other clan members. When I lead an army and siege a castle or town, after taking it, only my clan members in the army will donate to it (if I have other clan members with parties in my army. What is even worse is that if I am the ruler and an army that is not mine and that has none of my clan members in it takes a town or castle, NO garrison is given to the holding. It is undefended until a militia starts being recruited.

    This is TOTALLY unacceptable and should be given a high priority. Its a game breaker and yet this bug has existed for months (I think there were other threads prior to this and I think this bug has existed a lot longer than just 3 months. I realize the devs don't play the game, but if they did this would have been fixed a long time ago. There are still a lot of bugs in the game, but this is one of the worst out there, if not the very worst one.
  4. Forum Bug/Issue/Error Reporting

    Thanks. I'm not particularly computer savvy, but I currently have the page bookmarked specifically to the Bannerlord-Singleplayer forums. I can try bookmarking it to a more generic Taleworlds forum & see if that works.
  5. Forum Bug/Issue/Error Reporting

    Over the past 2-3 weeks when I try to get to these forums I get a screen that wants me to check a box stating I'm a human. I click the box and about 3 out of 4 times it brings up the same screen asking if I'm a human. It won't get past that and I therefore can't check the forums (or post a problem). I'm sure some people I know wonder whether I'm truly human, but I'm not totally sure what the purpose of this even is. Why would someone run a program to get in here as a computer spamming something? In any case, you need to change your authentication program so when it asks whether I'm human it basically doesn't come back and wonder if I'm lying.
  6. In Progress "You are not in command of this siege"

    Again though, what Marda addressed is that its intended that the higher level commander takes control of the siege. You brought up the % of the loot after Marda's response. Thats 2 different (although somewhat related) topics.
  7. In Progress "You are not in command of this siege"

    I understand what you are saying and don't disagree with it. I'm just explaining what happens. For me the bigger concern is when you outnumber the enemy 10-1 or more and the new commander decides to sit there for days and days after arriving. The game takes too long to win as it is I don't need it lengthened unnecessarily.
  8. Need More Info Battle continues after the win

    While its not ideal, its not generally a problem. If they started retreating you probably badly outnumber them and will win easily anyways. If they did retreat you would likely have to play a second battle against the ones that retreated anyways and I'd rather not waste time on it. From a logic standpoint, you could always say a leader on the other side rallied his troops & kept them from fully retreating.
  9. In Progress "You are not in command of this siege"

    What he's saying is that its intended that the highest ranking clan (leading an army) commands the siege. In real life, that makes sense as the highest ranking commander would take control of the siege when he arrives. As far as the % of loot, I think (not sure) thats based on the % of kills/disabled your party is responsible for, possibly combined with the level of the troops your party kills/disables. Not that this is based on your party, not your full army.
  10. Need More Info Battle continues after the win

    Whenever it tells me I win, I immediately hit the F1/F3 buttons to tell my troops to charge. As you said, sometimes the retreating enemy goes to a corner then defends there, but also, even if they are truly retreating, I want my troops to get as much xp as possible so I can upgrade as many troops as possible.
  11. Need More Info I can't turn my infantry into cavalry even if i have horse how do i solve this

    I should actually clarify. When I said anything that "Anything that is the type 'mount' can be used to upgrade infantry units to mounts" I should have said 'Anything that is the "Mount Type: Mount"' can be used to upgrade infantry units to mounts. The 'Type: Mount' at the top of the description pretty much means nothing. The "Mount Type: Mount" at the bottom of the description is what designates it as something used to upgrade troops.
  12. Resolved Rebel clans not disappearing

    I believe the only way to get rid of rebel clans is to execute their leader. Once they become a 'regular' clan with the clan name reflecting the name of their leader I don't believe you can get rid of them unless all their lords are killed. Other clans can recruit them to join their kingdom, but the player is unable to recruit them (although I think this is a bug that needs fixing).
  13. Need More Info I can't turn my infantry into cavalry even if i have horse how do i solve this

    Anything that is the type 'mount' can be used to upgrade infantry units to mounts. Anything that has the type 'War Mount' can be used to upgrade horse units to a higher level. This is assuming it is a type that can be upgraded to cavalry and assuming it has enough experience. Even camels can be used in this regard to upgrade non-camel units, although I'm not sure the reverse is true.
  14. In Progress Odokh militia refuses to participate

    Currently playing a sandbox game (1st time, usually do campaigns). Joined Southern Empire, & they took Odokh, which I was given as my only fief. I go to it & it has 6 loyalty, but is improving. I have empire culture, but throw a Khuzait companion in to help. When first taking it, loyalty was...
  15. Getting tired of no-win situations,

    That explains some of it I suppose. Its just the completion of the Neretzes quest, not the game. Basically, you are just defeating the empire kingdoms. I'll admit I could do that. My goal is to own the whole map and doing the Neretzes quest just makes that harder. So I occasionally do the quest to see if they fixed it, but mostly avoid it totally.

    As to tournaments though, I don't make special trips to do tournaments, but every time I pass close to a town I stop in to see if there is a tournament. And while I understand that if a companion who is not with your party/army wins a tournament you get cash instead of gear; as I stated above, I get my best gear (except perhaps at clan level 6) from doing tournaments. And I get my companions/family members gear that way too. Even before reaching clan level 1 I probably win about 75% of the tournaments I'm in, so why not do them? I will say though that I prefer a sword and shield, so usually I try to stay in the empire territories in the early stages because the finals are always sword/shield and about 50-75% of the other rounds I have sword/shield too. I look at it as free loot and good leveling of abilities in the earlier stages of the game.

    Sweynfokbeard, regarding diplomacy, as I stated, I don't mind paying off the neighbor, but to pay them of just to have them declare war again 20 days later is stupid. Maybe the game should add an option to pay them extra to assure the peace lasts at least a year or something. I wouldn't always want to, but when you have 6 empires at war with you, paying one off to go away for 20 days to get his armies revitalized seems rather stupid to me. You'll still be warring at least 3 or 4 of the empires you are currently warring when he returns.
  16. Getting tired of no-win situations,

    Regarding Ananda's question, I kind of wonder about that too. I've won a total of one time. I believe that was in February of this year and the game didn't even acknowledge that I owned all of Caladria. There was no Steam achievement. Sort of wonder if this is a mod.

    The stats seem odd too. No issues solved? Thats how I earn money in the early stages. Only 30 tournaments won? Granted, you don't have to play a lot of tournaments, but through the early to middle stages thats how I get the best gear for me and my companions, as well as additional cash. Depending how long I play the game before giving up, I usually end up at the top of the tournament board by 20-50 wins. Also, the tournament takes no in-game time, so you don't have to worry about losing territories while doing it. I guess the other thing I would wonder is what difficulty level VVL plays at.
  17. Getting tired of no-win situations,

    I don't play the game as a diplomatic game. I play it as a war game and use diplomacy when necessary. I don't mind diplomacy in the game & if peace agreements worked longer it would even make some sense. But I'm not playing a game that just happens to have wars in it so that I can enjoy a diplomatic game.
  18. If all lords in the world are executed, what will happen?

    I look at taking over all the fiefs as being the goal of the game, not a boring game after that because I don't play after owning everything. (Although by taking all the fiefs of the game, I mean 'my faction' owning all the fiefs, not just my character. I don't like the execution thing and feel that if the only way to win is to execute all the lords (which seems like the case most times) then the game wants me to be a homicidal maniac. Since I like to play as myself in a different setting and I'm not a homicidal maniac, then I don't play that way.

    I'll also mention that when you say "If all lords in the world are executed, what will happen?", literally, unless you are playing a lady, then the game would end for you since you are apparently a lord that was executed also. :cool:
  19. Getting tired of no-win situations,

    I have actually won the game once. But generally I play at easy level (not easiest). My plan with most games is to start easy, then when I win a couple times try harder settings, etc.. Problem is (In my opinion) this game is almost impossible to win without playing a homicidal maniac. I...
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