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  1. b0mbsquad01f

    INT Captain Completed Captain's League Season 2

    If you like your leagues to not be controlled by manic psychopaths then this is the league for you! Mr. Linga Ding and his crew run a tight ship. Tightness guaranteed.
  2. b0mbsquad01f

    Stop LES IS MOREx from hosting any future tournaments.

    Imagine being this pissed you got killed by a girl you sexist freak xD VK2 was an actually meme team there is no proof that I played as Jord HAD I PLAYED AS JORD we would have easily beaten SKRB im the best cavalry player in NA (maybe) SKBR simply has no answer to me neither does NATO
    You know I was surprised during the tourney at how well jord played since I was told by a lot of people she just plays casually and isn't very good. Then that same week I matched against her in random queue and I think she got a kill at some point. She must tilt pretty hard in solo queue. But that could just me being biased since I'm a sexist monke brained captain noob. Also the team was Butter Brotvas not SkBr ?☝️. BTL needs respect.
  3. b0mbsquad01f

    NA Skirmish Completed [BSL] Bannerlord Skirmish League S2 $360.00 in Prizes! *Jan 15*

    Clan Information
    Clan Name
    : Butter Brotvas
    Clan Tag: [BB]
    Clan's Page(URL):
    Requested Bracket A or B: B

    Roster (Include Steam Profile for Each)
    : Biglunch
    Co-Captain: bombsquad
    Participant: King Gainer
    Participant: Krotenspear
    Participant: Humble
    Participant: Goldry
    Substitute: Remus Royal
    Substitute: Brandis
    Substitute: DirtShrimp
  4. b0mbsquad01f

    [IPoints] ELO Raitings for clans NA&EU UPDATED 14.10.2020

    Did you download this software tool or did you make it yourself? Would you be willing to share it? I'm looking to make a similar rating system for captain mode.
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