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  1. SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13

    Tingyun said:

    haven’t heard of renown drops before, very odd. It might just be some one-time warband glitch, please report back if it happens again.

    OK. Thanks for answering
  2. SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13

    hello could anyone give me a hand ?
    I installed the Mods (the way it was on the description) ... and it worked, but not in the way I imagined.  I would like to play with the dark age troops  tree +  items.
    but whenever I try to reverse, the game goes wrong and crashes.
    I already have about 7 hours that I'm trying (trial and error - since I do not understand programming) and nothing.

    could someone help me to change this ??
    I will be forever grateful
  3. SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13

    I experienced this problem. I was with 300 and something of renown, and from nowhere I came to be with 50
  4. OSP 2D Art World Map Punkt's High Resolution Texture Pack 1.2 (Feb.16.08)

    not available... error 404
    please, update it
  5. Bellum Imperii: Previews & Dev Blogs

    I would like to start thanking you for this fantastic module!  great work!
    I would also like to make some suggestions:

    * The slaves offer a good way to raise funds (and a great fun), without having to conquer great fortifications (I really like to loot and collect slaves, lol)... If possible, add the possibility of placing slaves to work in the forts, and in the  the villages.. and remove the penalty (decrease honor, or at least remove the negative repercussion with the cities, npc's/lords) in case of collecting slaves by looting villages. 

    * If possible, add the possibility of placing a small garrison in the villages as well (that would be great).

    * Oh, in the small cities (like Ravena, Neapolis) the mechanism for adding prisoners is bugged (only allowing garrison troops)

    * Another thing I noticed, in point distribution area (Character : prisioner management) has a bug. Even if you add points, it always returns to 1.

    * Also, the Roman armor (general Breastplate) and some roman shields  (higher levels), are bugged. Some appear in a white blur.

    I'm looking forward to the release of the game. If you add this possibility of slave management/work in the villages /  forts, and  garrisons, it will be fantastic !!
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