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  1. SnoeiSchaaR

    Item Editor - Warband compatible version -

    thanks, great tool  :wink:
  2. SnoeiSchaaR

    Wie gaat er naar Festivals???

    Off course, overal waar men Darkcore / Hardtechno draait ga ik heen  :grin:
  3. SnoeiSchaaR

    Searching for M&b v 0.903 full install

    Anyone knows where I can find the downloadlink for Searching for M&b v 0.903 full install? I need it because I would like to play Bandit mod & Expanded gameplay 2..
  4. SnoeiSchaaR

    M&B 1.011 and Windows 7 - solution for crashes

    NSIS error every time I try to install 1.011 enhanced setup (even with run as administrator)
    Mine is 369MB
  5. SnoeiSchaaR

    What in new Version (0.8)

    Looks awesome  :shock:
  6. SnoeiSchaaR

    WWII China Battlefield MP v02.17.11 (Patch v03.02.11, for Warband 1.134 )

    Really epic to see that this mod is Warband-compatible  :lol:
  7. SnoeiSchaaR

    Rise Of Khergits - Bug Reports

    Still crashing to desktop randomly
    I already deleted the 3 .dds files from textures

  8. SnoeiSchaaR

    [M] Finland at WW2

    downloading  :grin:
    looking forward to play this

    After starting up I get following error: unable to open file: CommonRes/Warhorse_new.brf
  9. SnoeiSchaaR

    [WB][M]Festung Breslau (WW2 Mod) open MP beta. Old Topic.

    also looking forward to this one (add to favorites  :lol: )
  10. SnoeiSchaaR

    [V4.5] REPORTED BUGS LIST / VERSION 4.57 (hotfixes here)

    Looks smood man, great job :wink:

    WOW I played this mod all day and I must say its even better then it looked  :shock:

    Btw I didn't have crashes but sometimes it seems like the screen is frozen for 5-10 seconds (mostly on worldmap)  hope this helps
  11. SnoeiSchaaR

    The Chaos War V0.7 RELEASED

    Looks nice, will download asap  :smile:
  12. SnoeiSchaaR

    BNL EYW - Main Topic

    This looks nice, its been a long time since i played M&b so lets get started  :grin:
    I'm from Belgium btw so the story is all familiar :idea:
  13. SnoeiSchaaR

    Your Favourite Weapon?

    That mace of war always gets me going  :lol:
  14. SnoeiSchaaR

    Starting Characters

    It's been a year since I uninstalled M&b but it seems like its about time to start playing again..
    To be honest I was just waiting till a new EG mod came out, now is the time i see  :twisted:
  15. SnoeiSchaaR

    Age of Machinery 0.503 *stable* REDOWNLOAD please, file was messed up

    I played the mod yesterday, really nice to have Arty in M&b  :wink:

    But I have a question..
    I noticed you need engineers in your party to use the Arty but how/where can i find those engineers?
    Are they recruitable or do I need to free them from other partys who have them as prissoner?

    Tnx anyway and good luck with the mod!
  16. SnoeiSchaaR

    SP Native Dusselmod v1.2 0.960 Compatable!

    If you changed the Rhodoks trooptree into bandits who no Dark Knights?
    I refuse to play m&b untill my dark friends are back :p
  17. SnoeiSchaaR

    Graphical Enhancement 2.5, version 3 is in Pioneer's Guild.

    Really don't like the way the food looks now  :eek: (or is this gonna be fixed?)
    For the rest I have nothing to complain about, battles look more realistic now so thats real nice  :wink:
  18. SnoeiSchaaR

    SP Native The Peasants Are Revolting - New mini mod for 0.960

    Really amusing mod, slaughtering hundreds of looters by yourself  :wink:
  19. SnoeiSchaaR

    Mount&Blade Version 0.960 is Released!

    Niiice cant wait to start playing :grin:
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