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  1. idied23

    China like Real and virtual

    N0tch, (the mod creator) has already stated his intentions regarding this. And though, as unfortunate and reasonable as it may be. He's not really for it. Bannerlord is on the horizon anyway, so a port to Warband would be ill-suited at this point.
  2. idied23

    What made you laugh today - Fifth Edition

    another gashpost from this lad in quick succession
  3. idied23

    What made you laugh today - Fifth Edition

    Bunny Cookie Canada said:
    what a gashpost

    Why are most of your posts talking about how other posts are gash
  4. idied23

    What made you laugh today - Fifth Edition

    I'm not quite sure I laughed today, honestly. If I had I certainly can't remember.

    There you go, my valuable contribution to this thread. If you like my credentials please do not hesitate in PMing me your contact details so that I may use you as a reference in future job applications.
  5. idied23

    Last NE update


    Used to play this mod all the time, When you release the new patch I'll give it another go.
  6. idied23

    1860AD : A New Europe >> Recruiting Team <<

    I have some experience with coding in general.

    I've tried my own in M&B and the expansions, I've tweaked my own game a bit.

    I could also try to be a Coder, get into it somewhat seriously.
  7. idied23

    How famous is the above player?

    Folms said:
    Stop. Posting. In. This. Thread.


    On your knees, сука
  8. idied23

    Wat did you post a year ago today


    yeah i necro'd

    ban me


  9. idied23

    The Future Of This Mod

    It's never going to come back, You should all know this by now.

    It's been years since the last update. And I doubt any human has enough willpower to complete it at this stage.
  10. idied23

    June 2, 2012 (It is arriving very soon)

    Oi, guess it's dead again.
  11. idied23

    Your Favorite Faction

    I love all factions, World Peace man.

    Except the Crusader States.
  12. idied23

    The Chaos War V0.7 RELEASED

    Woot woot.
  13. idied23

    June 2, 2012 (It is arriving very soon)

    I love you mate, This mod is amazing.

    I wanna help in anyway i can.
  14. idied23

    Incorrect Activation Code

    Seems like a problem you would email the Admins, sounds like a fake key? like you should probably email the people who provided you with the key first to make sure it's valid.

    Just some tips, may be wrong. If so don't flame me :sad:
  15. idied23

    Wat did you post a year ago today

    idied23 said:
    You get a old pedophile.

    I insert a piece of diamond
  16. idied23

    Post *Your* Dream Women

    King of Scotland said:
    kosmik said:
    King of Scotland said:
    I don't like her, Getter Jaani is cute tho.
    KoS you get here right now, someone needs to pummeled with a mace until bloody and then dipped in acid! In what parallel dimension is Getter cute. I understand that people have a right for their opinions and other nonsense like that, but that's just wrong...  :mad:
    Nah she looks quite fine without all the makeup n' ****.

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, *cough* I mean, good choice ol' chap.
  17. idied23

    Awesome mod!!!

    Cool story bro, Tell it again  :grin:
  18. idied23

    SP Native The Rise of Bandit

    I will not let this mod grow old  :roll:
  19. idied23

    Rome needs your help, Modelers wanted!

    I don't really know what you mean by "Proper roman standard" So i'll take it as modelling one of the weapons in the images :razz:
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