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    Kingdom Of Hordaland [KoH] [EU] [RECRUITING]

  2. Samuuel

    Kingdom of Hordaland [KoH]

    Updated the about section :)
  3. Samuuel

    Kingdom Of Hordaland [KoH] [EU] [RECRUITING]

    Bumping this thread as it has had some updates recently.
  4. Samuuel

    In Progress Hosting a Dedicated Server: Back End Problems.

    Here is a non-comprehensive list of problems that I have encountered while hosting a dedicated custom server for the Oceanic Community:

    Feel free to investigate, or fix them if you like. I will be updating this list as I encounter them.
    1. ForcedMultiplayerAvatars directory configuration problem with full release, solution here.
    2. Provided sample config files with errors in them, e.g., ds_config_sample_siege_with_bots uses "name" instead of "ServerName" - this will crash the server
    3. When you start a new_mission within the same new_game, it will not clear some of the original arguments from the first mission (e.g., warmup time changes won’t be overridden from the initial mission).
    4. Enabling UnlimitedGold True and then UnlimitedGold False during the course of a game will cause strange anomalies to occur when players change teams, locking them to the peasant class. This can be fixed with the player(s) leaving and re-entering the server.
    5. Changing cultures at the beginning a Captain can cause asset anomalies to occur where the flags of the cultures do not change to the new cultures.
    6. Whitespace after commands will generally cause the process to crash, and kill the server.
    7. If playing a battle with player(s) on one team and bots on another, battle will not start and the mission will end.
    8. Deathmatch (i.e., FFA) does not work, and will kill the process.
    9. Sometimes the console will randomly crash/error out on startup, but re-running it will not cause the same problem. Still haven’t worked out why this is the case.
    10. Bots will not capture flags in battles.
    11. Bots cannot be used for sieges, they will not use siege equipment, capture flags, or use appropriate pathing.
    12. The mp_duel_001 does not crash with load, but it cannot function as a duel server as duels cannot be accepted by players.
    13. Loading a high number of rounds for battle (e.g., 100) will cause errors relating to integer assignment and memory overload (possible memory leak).
    14. The output of the console has issues, class types next to player names don’t refer to the class they are playing as and will change seemingly at random.
    15. The TW GUI seems to have issues which causes crashing, and I haven’t used it.
    16. Numerous maps do not work and will kill the process / server.
    17. Duel can’t be preset with a map (will error out, needs to be added to a queue).
    18. Changes to map timer during a mission will glitch out the timer for some players.
    19. DedicatedServerHelper will not update with updates to game versions, the solution is here
    20. Captain game mode will crash if there's 9 players on one team, original post here.
    21. Dedicated server will crash if too many agents die within a certain space of time, original post here (incorrectly marked as resolved).
    22. Unable to kick or ban players without the web GUI, community developed solution here.
    23. People joining a match with custom map will crash out of the game.
    Last updated: 28 October 2022.
    Hi das Pigeon I have a question regarding step 22.

    I have hosted a server via GTX gaming but I am unsure how to get the community solution working. Does this only work when you host thye server yourself, I do not get what I am missing
  5. Samuuel

    EU Other Completed CRBR Tuesday Battle Event

    Team Name : Kingdom Of Hordaland

    Team Tag : KoH

    Type of unit : Light Inf

    Average number of players (+/-2) : 10-15

    Type of registration (Regular or Once) : regular

    have read and agree to the rules. I'll accept any form of sanctions if i'll should broke the rules. Yes
  6. Samuuel

    EU Other Completed RdC Saturday Event [Closed]

    Weekly or Once : weekly
    Clan Name : Kingdom Of Hordaland
    Banner : later
    Steam Leader ID :
    Unite Claimed & Expected Number : heavy inf - 20
    I have read the rules and I will respect them. Yes

    can we signup to more than one unit??
  7. Samuuel

    EU Siege Completed Siege Event: Men of Siege

    Team Name: Kingdom Of Hordaland
    Clan Tag: KoH
    Contact 1:
    Deadwulf / Deadwulf
    Contact 2: Samu / Samu
    Number of participants: 20 but can bring more if needed
    Have you read and understood the rules: Yes
  8. Samuuel

    EU TDM Completed [Event] Ruins of Jawwali [EU] [5th June]

    Clan Name : Kingdom Of hordaland
    Banner : soon
    Steam Leader ID : Sam
    Unite Claimed (among the two choices) : Pick for us, we can bring as many ppl as needed, preferably a 15 slot
    I have read the rules and I will respect them. Yes
  9. Samuuel

    Siege at 8pm

    Respect the design choice please

    Yep, I think no servers is the way forward for multiplayer. Clans will thrive
  10. Samuuel

    Siege at 8pm

    My favourite thing is how at 8pm for the last 3 Sunday's the EU siege servers disappear. 10/10 amazing game. Esports ready.
  11. Samuuel

    EU Other Completed LCO Event Friday 21st of May (21h CET) : "Deriad Pacification"

    Ok for Support (archer). Skirmish and Reaper are still available, please choose :wink:
    Skirmish please
  12. Samuuel

    EU Other Completed LCO Event Friday 21st of May (21h CET) : "Deriad Pacification"

    Clan name: Kingdom Of Hordaland

    Captain Pseudo & Steam ID: Samu

    Squad type: Basic/Elite/Reaper/Skirmish - whatever is available

    Number of members who will participate: 15

    I have read and accept the rules: Yes

    Clan name: Kingdom Of Hordaland

    Captain Pseudo & Steam ID: Samu

    Squad type: Support

    Number of members who will participate: 10

    I have read and accept the rules: Yes
  13. Samuuel

    EU Siege Completed The Desperate Defense of Caldea

    Team Name: Kingdom Of Hordaland
    Leader Steam ID: Samu
    Number of people who will attend: 20
    We have read and agreed with the rules. Yes

    Unsure if this is full or not as there are no comments here but will try
  14. Samuuel

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    You seem to be oblivious to other people's problems. You are the person showing up in the ER saying in front of waiting patients "I"m perfectly healthy!". How does that help??

    I don't get why you are being so rude to this guy, all he is saying is that he likes the patch. Unlike in the ER, his comment does not block people from writing what they disliked.
  15. Samuuel

    Barbie World TaleWorlds is the Best

    This was the update!!! Esports ready
  16. Samuuel

    Completed [Event] Battle for Butter [EU] [7th March]

    Clan Name : Kingdom Of Hordaland
    Leader Steam ID : You have me and Dead
    Slot requested : 15 inf
  17. Samuuel


    Well, I know this is probably very low down on TW's list of things to do, but is there any indication of when steam achievements would be out. I like to achievement hunt and would grind so hard for all the achievements. Heck, I would love to share my ideas for possible achievements
  18. Samuuel

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    I'm so glad that

    • Barbers no longer carry weapons.

    Who needs private servers when there is content like this am I right

    Seems like a decent update though
  19. Samuuel

    Patch Notes e1.5.7

    I was gonna play sp but now after seeing the beta branch I want to wait for the next one
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