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  1. MeestYk

    SOD Warlords - Suggestions & Discussions Thread

    thanks Computica you're the best! And I mean, everyone involved too!  :grin:

    Halsemon, that's a another great idea to recruit multiple types of units from prisoners.
    I'm only saying that'd be awesome if you could recruit the whole same group of units by talking to them from the lower right where they appear as prisoners when you click "party" then "talk" to one type of unit ie. Adenian light cavalry (21)  and you can recruit all 21 in one attempt.  They may spit on your offer or decide it be best to join your army rather than be treated as prisoners.
  2. MeestYk

    SOD Warlords - Suggestions & Discussions Thread

    Looting is great in this mod, but how about a "loot all" one click tab down that interface when you have really big bags to be filled ?

    Prisoners can be recruited in this mod and it's awesome! How about making so we can recruit the whole group of the same type of soldiers instead of a single unit per attempt?

    This whole change would make the mod even better! :smile:
  3. MeestYk

    SOD Warlords - Suggestions & Discussions Thread

    I really wished those diplomacy popups gone to reduce the unnecessary mouse clicks just to clear them off screen to play.  Maybe this has been suggested before, but it gets annoying playing this mod with those constant popups.

    My suggestion is to allow those diplomacy notifications to come up in a minimized window where the text usually appears OR that those popups just appear like regular text and fade out.  We can always find out what negotiations have been made between factions by clicking on the "notes" and "recent messages" after all.

    Some like to see them appear like that so maybe there could be some sort of middle ground where you can check in options if you want popups or just regular text fading out. :grin:
  4. MeestYk

    ->Sword of Damocles: Warlords | Download Here!<-

    SoD is the best!  Thank you Computica and everyone involved.

    I need a link to the bug report.  Adanian Knight unit icon is bugged.  There is flashing onscreen and the mounted horse floats about!  :smile:
  5. MeestYk

    Bug reports for version 1.5

    Lords and Realms looks identical to Sword of Damocles.  I've tested them both.

    However, there are a couples differences in these two mods.  LoR seems to have more variety of items  and troop types.  In SoD, more stability and better kingdom management.  I found very few minor bugs in SoD  vs to LaR.

    There is one very apparent bug that pops up everytime my companions are being auto upgraded;  the companions go barefoot instead of upgrading for better boots!  I can understand they'd like to go bootless after a long and arduous fight and all if the AI is given autonomy (another mod idea).  Btw, this mod doesn't show what's been upgraded to the companions.  In SoD, you see all of this listed in colorful text. :razz:

    Still, I like the way LaR presents itself aside its flaws.  I will stay with SoD until certain problems arising from LaR are resolved in the upcoming patches.
  6. MeestYk

    [V4.5] Coming Soon (alpha released)

    By the look of things to come,  I'll continue playing M&B with this mod you've built together whenever I have time to kill.  I'm on v4.1 and it's already one of the best mod ever made for M&B if not the very best.  It looks promising and has so much more exciting things to do in it.  OMG! 4.5!!!  drools...    Bravo! 
  7. MeestYk

    Sword of Damocles MotY?

    Ok there is another small problem minor but it's there.

    After taking a 3rd castle, I had a chat with the chancellor of that castle.  He gave me the option of giving the village that tied with that castle to any lords.
    I gave it to the supposedly "new" lord which was already listed.  Turns out I have not yet asked him to find a new lord.  Consequently, Nomar, the village in question, turns white instead of the kingdom's color, which is now neutral, and belongs to no one. :roll:

    One solution may be to remove that line that already mentioned a new lord to that fief option choices so that this stops from re-occuring over again.

    Any workaround to this to recapture the village or own it like it supposed to or is this something you'd have to tweak?

    Anyway, I'll see if I find anything else to report. :razz:
  8. MeestYk

    Taleworlds Detailed Major Mods (Last Updated 12-11-09 )

    Gives Chechen! a BIG cookie

    Great job!  I love your list.  These are all great mods.  Some are even funny to try out.

  9. MeestYk

    Sword of Damocles MotY?

    SoD has to be one of the top mods for the latest version of MnB. I've test drived it for a week and although it's not perfect, it delivers.  A round of applauses to the modders. There are a couple of things that I jotted down as small problems. 1.  When you get killed during a battle (any...
  10. MeestYk

    New weapons that you would like

    To hell with what you agree or not to have in Mount and Blade.

    If it can be done and you (as in anyone) you self centered *****, like it or not, can mod it, it will be in Mount and Blade.  Screw with your history crap. :razz:

    Merry  :razz: Christmas!
  11. MeestYk

    32 slots unit limitation needs to go

    There is a limitation of 32 units on how many units types you can have in your army, and this cannot be modified it seems by modding it either. If you've played long enough to have up to 32 different units in your army, you will notice that trying to upgrade to a 33rd different type is not...
  12. MeestYk

    Progress reports

    Maxhardman, where did you go?  Are you any closer to realizing this wonderful mod?

    I'm a total war series fan too like you and would love to see your incredible mod go live soon as we near christmas 2008!
    Your mod is the only one I'd come back to play M&B, again. :grin:

    And, MAXHARDMAN and to all other M&B fans,  have a wonderful christmas!!! :smile:

    PS My M&B version is 1.011 now so I'd like to see your mod for that version.
  13. MeestYk

    Fighting on Bridge.

    ROFLMAO @ Hardcode

    Get a hint, that poster is HUGE.

    I've said it before, the final release of MnB was and is an unfinished game, like some others have vented about.  The fact that I've been playing something else is living proof of that.
    MnB was "so bOOOooring so Blaaaand and so irrrrrritating (sieges) to play" that it now sits in a corner of my HD, waiting to be murdered.

    So you fanboys out there claiming nothing more than a pathetic praise for MnB, gamers have a much higher expectations of games running prices comparable to other hits.

    I'm backing this bridge fight idea because I've also brought this up since .9xx, but tbh only the talented modding community will pick up the idea, which imho ruins the originality of native (not able to play with this idea in the native version).
  14. MeestYk

    Great job.. but a thought on properties

    are you threatening me?
  15. MeestYk

    fief upgrade: tax collector

    Yatzee?  Morrowind?

    MnB doesn't even come close to Morrowind's grandeur.  MnB is "everything" that Morrowind is not.  You don't compare them moron, they are 2 different species.

    MnB IS for the casual gamer with its simplistic gameplay; encounter, fight, loot, sell, slave, rinse, repeat.  Diplomacy = complete fail

    This game is won in one day, jackass.  One can conquer the entire map in less than one day if they put effort in doing so. 

    And saying that
    DamienZharkoff said:
    This is an anti fat person game! *Waves a red flag with a white circle and a silhouetted burger in the center*

    Are you really that fat?  Call Jenny yet?
  16. MeestYk

    Two weapon fightin? (dual wielding)

    G36E said:
    MeestYk said:
    Look if you're not going to create nunchucks or flails for us, at least, make some dual welding axes;  a deadly axe on both sides using 2 long axes and weld them together so I can have my uber axe already.

    Now that I think about it, I've seen this weapon somewhere before  :mrgreen:  name the game?

    Orcs have no brains, neither do you.

    Merlkir said:
    I like the old bearded guy :grin: while he shows off a lot, it's obvious that he knows what he's doing..

    edit: lol! :grin: gotta love these videos:

    "I'm just walking down the street..." (with my katana on my belt :grin:)

    hilarious. That's what movies do to you, kids!

    Did it not occur to him that the attacker might have a gun?

    Cookie Eating Huskarl said:
    hayabusa12 said:

    juz hilarious... has the world of martial art degraded so much? .45 kwon do  :mrgreen:
    It's comedy...

    Lacking any humor or take depression pills already.
  17. MeestYk

    SP Other Medieval Love, the Mod

    That's great news! Let us know if you need any new ideas.
  18. MeestYk


    There is such thing already in the game.  Battlecries, just increase the volume !  :razz:

    I wanted another battlecry in the game with a bit of political overtone: "Drill baby drill? Die morons (Palin and Mc Cain heads fly)"

    Obaman ftw.
  19. MeestYk


    Gaping Angus said:
    No, it's already finished, just part of a bigger mod.  I don't have anything going in taverns yet though, any ideas?  There has to be something to do in the pub, maybe buying information from bartenders or something.  " We might have heard talk of a lord in town who's short on men."  Or "Planning on raiding Udiniad".

    Right now they're dead, in fact most locations are pretty dead so any interaction in castles, towns, villages is a priority. 

    What priorities?  The devs have made it clear.  There will be no longer any work done for MnB.  You get the play the game as is.  The mod community must rely on what the current game offers and the module that's supposed to be available to them in order to do much else to the game.
  20. MeestYk

    Great job.. but a thought on properties

    No, it doesn't.  You can fairly easily build this feature in the game.  The problem is that the devs just dropped the ball and let the mod community to cater  for these needs, and as a result, this is MnB you're actually playing out of the box or by DL.

    No, it isn't a luxury.  It's something that should have been created in the first place since the devs gave us the option of building something over villages and towns;  build a manor, build a scout tower, build a school, build a military training center in castles and towns (something else I'd wanted to see ingame).

    Let's not speak of MnB2, it may not happen at all if they don't get the kind of revenues for this game to pursue or another word, support this adventure of theirs.
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