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  1. method man

    We were wrong about the class system...

    I honestly hadn't thought about how balanced, enjoyable, and rewarding the class system is. Perhaps I have been mistaken. Thank you.

    Maybe a way to expand on this system would be to add naval combat. Boats are philosophically aligned with Bannerlord's design principles. To illustrate my point: you could 'main' a boat, and learn it at your own pace, enjoyably. I would also love to customize my Viking longship; I could add a frightening figurehead to the front, so as to frighten my enemies in a balanced way.

    I could picture it now. There's me, in my Viking longship, ramming plebs in rowboats (the 100 gold option). Then, I collect enough moneysacks and add a cape to my boat. Goodness, it would be so cool to do skirmish on a boat. Please, taleworld, give me boats. please
  2. method man

    Randomly logged out of lobby over and over

    Bump. Congrats to Taleworlds on perhaps finally killing this game
  3. method man

    Parties don't work anymore

    If you make a party, you get kicked from it repeatedly. It is actually impossible to queue as a group anymore.
  4. method man

    Have we Reached the Point of Passive Acceptance and Disappointed Resignation with Bannerlord?

    this forum got boring to post in. nobody cares about bl enough to argue, or even get annoyed, anymore. sad!
  5. method man

    East NA skirmish servers down again

    it is so very unfortunate.
  6. method man

    skin request: felt hat

    So i was wondering.. Is methodman kurdish or just pretending to troll TW...
    i don't understand that question. sorry. please don't derail my thread. thank you.
  7. method man

    skin request: felt hat

    hello, i miss the felt hat from the sarranid faction in warband. i found this hat very charming, and it framed my character's face wonderfully. may we please have some variations of this hat (colours, patterns, etc.) in this beautiful sequel of ours? thank you. regards, method_man out on bail...
  8. method man

    My final verdict

    rest in peace, mr blunted
  9. method man

    Menace of Wenfire {SLAYERS OF MEN ELITE!}

    add me to the rosterd idiot
  10. method man

    MP: Suggestion - Cheering

    there should be a rowing emote—like that fortnite dance
  11. method man

    I don't understand

    The game is good. That's why the servers are full.
  12. method man

    Siege down in EU

    lmao quit lying dude; the eu siege server is up.
  13. method man

    When can u play duel mode

    the taleworl will give when the taelworl wishes to give, IDOIT.
  14. method man

    Menace of Wenfire {SLAYERS OF MEN ELITE!}

    hello we are good
    that is good to hear. regards, method m,an.
  15. method man

    Each Faction Should Have Its Own Playstyle

    It is definitely not working with skirmish, every suggestion will ruin the game even more on that mode.
  16. method man

    Menace of Wenfire {SLAYERS OF MEN ELITE!}

    hello mr wangfire... how are you?? ?
  17. method man

    [RM] Risen Manifest

    what he do tho ???
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