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  1. nuva

    1945: Merdeka Atau Mati MOD

    lol for demonwolf kids about unbelieve statement you'll get marry

    Alan De Soison said:
    thanks gabb.., it,s very tired because many preparation and some traditional ritual too in indonesia,
    but I'm always monitoring the forum too :oops:
    when your wedding held?
    traditional ritual is confusing :shock: but it will be always exciting and amazing :grin:
    i've felt that. the groom and bride will be so busy but when the guests are happy with the wedding ceremony then you'll be satisfied too
    congrats for your wedding
  2. nuva

    [S] "Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth"--Historical 16th century Southeast Asia Mod [Released]

    Good job dude, you introduce south east asia culture to the world
    Indonesian also has close relation with thai kingdoms, Mataram and Demak kingdom had their Prince or general married with thai nobblewoman

    i hope you can work together with Rasiya to make South East Asia Kingdoms more complete
    Nusantara Kingdoms is very good Indonesian mod, it will be much better if somebody like Rasiya help you to expand your mod larger

    ShenJiBaMin said:
    hi,is Mahayuth thailand language?what does it mean?
    in india, java, sansekerta language it consists of two words :
    Maha = Great
    Yuth/Yuda/Yodha = War

    so it means Great War
  3. nuva

    Warband Script Enhancer (WSE) For Dummies

    i love this mod, nice story and background
    i've put all files properly
    but sometime when i am entering town or go to another scene it's crashed
    perhaps my hardware is not powerfull enough to play this mod
    FYI : core i5 2,5Ghz, nvidia GT 335 M, DDR3 4Gb Dual channel
    i've make all video option setting at LOW
    any suggestion?
  4. nuva

    SP Medieval Struggle For The Domination

    molashkre said:
    nuva said:
    you did great work
    this is awesome mod

    lado9999 said:
    now that's what i was talking about.  :wink: :wink:

    Thanks both of you,but most job is done by them,whom I gave credits,I've just collected their works.

    can i use my old save of this mod in final version?
    if you don't mind, would you upload this final version mod in or
    thanx for advance
  5. nuva

    SP Medieval Struggle For The Domination

    you did great work
    this is awesome mod
  6. nuva

    Native LSP 2D Art Face Improvement Project

    good job, it looks more real and live
    wait for Female face improvement, coz the female in warband mostly is ugly
  7. nuva

    1945: Merdeka Atau Mati MOD

    i wish i could make custom face too
    although some face looks so evil or suffer very bad pain ass but face improvement project looks great

    about your problem
    power suply the cheapest new IDR 75k, Extreme 200k, Silverstone/corsair 500up
    i recommend you to buy the mid-end between IDR200-600k to protect your PC's hardware
    or buy UPS for more safety
    hope you got the best one to complete your mod
  8. nuva

    1945: Merdeka Atau Mati MOD

    hope he'll be fine soon
  9. nuva

    Is Islam the religion of peace?

    Cookie Eating Huskarl said:
    From what I can see in my home country, it's actually the opposite. The more the Muslims are educated and have a better understanding of the doctrines, the less likely they are to suggest and support attacks. Sure there are outliers, like educated Imams who misled people for their own goals, but the stats there simply proves that we need to shove everything into a working education system. This view is also supported by Magorian's numbers of Turkey, which has always been secular and Indonesia, which have came a long way from their radical past.
    I agree

    jihad is not same with terrorism

    suicide bomb, 9/11, killing civilians, terrorist and the attackers all will be in HELL although they claim to defend islam
    suicide bombing and attack civilians are satanic doctrin

    Islam forbids killing the innocent or civilians, no matter what their religion
    to understand the meaning of Quran, we must learn from a quran teacher. in quran there are much content about law
    if we only read it ourselves, we could be misled
    it's like we need a teacher to drive a car ifirst time to avoid an accident or injure others

    many pre-condition and law to be passed before deciding a jihad as a war

    don't judge the terorist same as ISLAM
    we have billions muslim in the world and they don't killing or terroring

    if there is a human do crime, we can't say that all human is criminal

    we MUST destroy terrorism using Better Education and better welfare
  10. nuva

    1945: Merdeka Atau Mati MOD

    New Issue :
    This Mod will be released together with beautifull Soundtracks if i may call OST (incl : several classic song, love song, instrumental/melodic, perhaps some alan's arrangement music.
    i hope i can contribute a little backsound for this mod.

    one of the song is Rindu by Gito Rollies (Indonesian Rocker) song list will be announced by alan himself

    it's not official, just side job:p
  11. nuva

    1945: Merdeka Atau Mati MOD

    good looking locomotive, my son call it THOMAS :grin:

    can we transport to another city by this train?? it will be so coool guys
  12. nuva

    SP Native The Rise of Bandit

    which one i gotta choose? i am still confused
    perhaps more factions is more challenge
  13. nuva

    1945: Merdeka Atau Mati MOD

    Pazanius said:
    Hello Alan De Soison! I watching your mod for about 2 months. You did a very good job, mate. If i can help you with something just tell me what i must to do.
    Here is examples of my work  :grin:

    If you are interested just contact me in steam -
    wow  :idea: great job :cool:
  14. nuva

    1945: Merdeka Atau Mati MOD

    cheers the team and your great job blessed by GOD

    i have to be patience waiting open beta version....keep update your progress on first page
    first page is BEST IMPRESSION
  15. nuva

    1945: Merdeka Atau Mati MOD

    Alan De Soison said:
    13exa said:
    dudesw50bmg said:
    so hows the progress alan, im dying to know
    Alan is waiting some models from poomtang  :grin:

    yes I'm still waiting some New japanese and british uniform from poomtang, scene and coding from Exa and kebumikan  :wink:

    I'm make some new signature for 1945:MaM  :wink:
    wow nice signature

    when i was kid, i had one of the historical comic (full color) like one of your signature

    17 August independent day will be at the same time with 17 Ramadhan :smile:
  16. nuva

    1945: Merdeka Atau Mati MOD

    my favourite weapon, that's so cool guys
    high poly, real metal skin look, with corrosion and scratch effect.........awsome!!!
  17. nuva

    Is Islam the religion of peace?

    I hope i will be more naive if it could make me happier and give a peacefull world between people around the universe
    even if there's no heaven, at least when i die i have gave a better world for my family, sons, grand children, and people around me till the next generation
    am i dreaming? then keep dreaming and let's make it come true

    once more :
    learn your own religion well, not to insult each other.
    Never give up searching the truth

    Nice to discuss with you, I am off :grin:
  18. nuva

    Is Islam the religion of peace?

    sorry "if" i make mistake giving ONLY South east asia as an example. i just wanna show what is really i have seen and experienced
    i dont wanna give any example that will be non sense
    i hope stay a while or live with moslem, perhaps will change the people paradigm

    Now most people forgetting their religious education and only read partial, NOT ENTIRELY of their whole holy book/bible/quran. that's why they become misunderstanding and hate each other.
    commonly the lazy people who dont study their religion well gonna be "not really good men"

    for example :
    My Moslem Leader is well educated (he studied in many countries middle east, USA and EU) and learn many Islamic Book,
    then as a Moslem leader in my region, He suggesting moslems to be a voluntary guardian or environment safety keeper when there's a christmass, waisak (budha), nyepi, galungan (Hindu) or other big/holyday of different religion.

    finally i wanna ask people to learn their own religion well, not to insult each other.
    not only trust information media but search, touch and feel the information to get the truth
    Never give up searching the truth

    sorry for my bad english
  19. nuva

    B Medieval [WB] Assassin Mod - 2 OST Added

    can wait any longer, very awesome-exciting-great job

    hope it will be released soon
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