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  1. del_diablo

    The Anime/Manga Thread

    Since I am a piece of ****, might as well make some recommendations. For finished series.
    Because... Why not?

    Mother Sarah
    A mother has to fight her way trough a post apocalyptic wasteland to find her offspring, as civilisation is about to renew itself and reclaim the wasteland.
    Includes great scenes like a astronaut debarking from his orbital station on earth, and combusting into flames as he screeches MOTHER EARTH on top of his lungs.

    Two rivaling families in modern times are descendants of a spiritual bloodline with a secret clan barrier magic. What is a rather simple plot turns into a complete mess, as feudal sensibilties and social structures has survived for the other hidden clans who have breed with the supernatural or mastered magic.
    Pretty standard shounen

    Sengoku Youko / Spirit Circle / Wakusei no Samidare
    Great combination of slice of life, battle shounen and supernatural/ESP fiction.
    By the same author.

    Black Jack / Phoenix(hito no tori)
    The 2 best works of Tezuka Osamu. Everything he wrote that isn't entry level childrens comics is genuinely worth reading.
    I.e I would recommend reading MW, which is about a homosexual catholic priest who can't bring himself to stop his boyfriend who is a sadistic evil pretty boy.

    Franken Fran
    Blackjack is a grounded manga. Franken Fran is a fantastical fable of speculative and poorly thought out science fiction, but its somewhat similar.
    It has less gore than Black Jack, but far more unethical stance on magical science fiction surgery.

    Nana to Kaoru
    A manga which spends 156 chapters trying to explain what BDSM, machoism and self esteem is.
    And unlike most porn or fiction, it actuall succeeds.

    Ookami no Kuchi: Wolfsmund
    A acquired seinen taste, made by one of the people who did assisstant drawing on Kentarou Miura's Berserk.
    Like most seinen its read for a combination of blood, gore and suffering.

    Fourteen; 14 Sai; 14 Years; 14 Years old; 14岁; 14歳
    Might be the best manga I have read.
    Its nonsensical and weird, but is also so fantastical each new chapter is a relevation.

    Bog standard shounen without the key Japanese elements like teenagers or modern society.
    It reads more like Fist of the North Star than most modern works, which makes it worth reading.

    Fire Punch
    A cinematic rollercoaster about a immortal who is permanently on fire.

    Alien Nine -> Alien Nine Emulators -> Alien Nine Next
    A series about cute girls and aliens who have taken over Earth. But its subtle.
    Its not disturbing, but be warning you might take sanity damage from reading it.
  2. del_diablo

    Skandinavisk/Skandinaviske Politik/Politikk

    Jaja, vi får nok komme oss av fossiltoget før eller senere. Og kanskje slutte å forgifte marka.
    Ellers er det nok liten grunn til å være bekymret. Blir nok kun litt hungersnød vis internasjonal handel kollapser pga uår.
  3. del_diablo

    What is this weapon?

    I am guessing its a bastardized Macuahuitl, which is a kind of aztecian age slashing weapon.

    That or its a extremely bastardized mace-sword
  4. del_diablo

    The Training Dummy - Discoveries (WARNING: SPOILERS!)

    So I died in battle, and got to a... creepy house and fought a Knight in a Crusader Helmet on a horse
  5. del_diablo


    So like, if you use any of the ranged weapons, do you aim with the PS4's version of a gyro, or? Because i can't image archery working out without it.
  6. del_diablo


    So its still ****, right?
  7. del_diablo


    kurczak said:
    Awesome plan. Jesus, why has nobody done that before?

    They lost a few wars. If they had not, they would have succeed. Well, you have to classify "stretching the line too thin" as a war.
  8. del_diablo


    Well, Police brutality is always fun for the media, if it is awake.
  9. del_diablo

    Cheap Gaming

    Just go on /vg/ on 4chan, find the Dota2 general, either use the bot or post your email in the thread and beg for a key. Does not get much cheaper.
  10. del_diablo

    -- Official Unofficial 'Ask Questions About Warband Singleplayer Here' Thread --

    Where can I find a list of tweaks for Warband? I am having trouble finding the manual edit for allowing guildmaster/elder in menu.

    Edit: Nevermind. Instead I ask, why isn't a part of some sticky?
  11. del_diablo

    Indiana First State to Allow Citizens to Shoot Law Enforcement Officers

    Bromden said:
    Urbandale said:
    giving people enough cash so that theres no incentive to do that would solve the vast majority of that type of problem. or we can use stories like that to help justify cutting programs to ensure that more of that **** happens. im not saying all incidences of that sort of thing are going to stop, since kids and others do steal **** outside of poverty-related reasons, but taking away a primary motivator would help

    Yes, communism ice a nice idea, sadly it would never work as Marx and his buddies intended. That's why people have to struggle to make even a low end kind of living. Petty crimes won't help in the long run, nor *****ing about rich people being rich.

    Communism, where?
    Basic welfare and a working education system for the basic education is a important corner of any civilized society.
  12. del_diablo

    Metaphysical Outlook

    kurczak said:
    For all practical purposes, perception is reality. More or less what the guy in your avatar thought.

    Yes, but only for all practical purposes. which is roughly everything. Reality looks nothing like we perceive it. Just think about things like relativity makes you wonder how the word actually looks, so the pool is flawed: There is no option for "Realities shape can not be observed by our senses".
  13. del_diablo

    Hunter gatherers vs early agriculture farming

    Pillock said:
    If you want to go hunter gatherer, then have fun with your cornucopia of disease. Modern first-world humans forget just how much the microbiological world enjoys ******** with us. No advancement afforded by long-term settlement means no medicine, no vaccines,  and a generally ****ty and ****-covered quality of life.

    Then again, the majority of major diseases was caused by humans becoming farmers and building citites in the first place. The first part of the move from a hunter & gather society to a farmer society was ****. Malnutrition, more diseases, etc.
    Then again, famers did evolve into urbanites, so who cares?
    So basically: **** ---> More **** ---> Small urbanisation and less ****
  14. del_diablo

    are humans naturally good or evil?

    Good and evil is the words one use when one wants to smear somebody else, or win a argument that can't be won. Just like words like "justice" and "unfair" is usually used far beyond their intention, only for skewing perception or proving the lack of one.
  15. del_diablo

    Overgrowth (formally Lugaru 2)

    There is no sarcasm meter on the Internets.
  16. del_diablo

    Sweden - a country that is steadily climbing in the "****ed up" list.

    FrisianDude said:
    Lego specially for girls is not new at all. Even when I was five there were Lego Belville crap in the stores.

    I remember those.
    And those pastelish neutral colored beach camping sets.
  17. del_diablo

    Sweden - a country that is steadily climbing in the "****ed up" list.

    At the least psychology has gotten a bit further than Freud.
    Not seeing the relevance? Its still the most common gender argument, by the more "learned" people.
  18. del_diablo

    Sweden - a country that is steadily climbing in the "****ed up" list.

    Lets not forget the entire "gender argument" Freud(look at that name damn it!) presented.
    If you have a vaggo, it bleeds, and hence you feel maternal. So please get molested physically, so its more like that.
    Such a disgusting pig.
  19. del_diablo

    Sweden - a country that is steadily climbing in the "****ed up" list.

    Tibertus said:
    At the risk of messing with kids' minds?

    Nothing worse than what has already happened when you look back a history. 20-30 years of this "experiment" would be really beneficial to social research, IF the scientific method is used instead of the socialscience method.
    Darned people looking for what they expect to find, instead of finding out what the data says.....

    About Malmø..... I am not sure what is most interisting, the complete lack of action to fix the problem by whatever its root is exactly, or that the buildup has been so slow that it could have been stopped at any time.
    I am deeply sure that it is partially related to a small town called Jante, but that its again not the main factor.
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