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  1. OXnBUCKSWildman

    [Archive] Bug Reports/ Crashes [Read OP]

    Version 0.611

    Not really much of a bug, but the Demonic Sword shows stats for cutting damage but not piercing damage. I'm not sure if this is because the Demonic Sword is just meant to be a slashing weapon or not, either way you can still stab with it, causing (from what I can tell) negligible damage. Is this a fault or a DEMONIC CHARACTER FOR SUCH A DEMONIC BLADE?!
    Looks cool as **** though.
  2. OXnBUCKSWildman

    Version 0.772 Released!

    Didn't know where else to post this, so here will do just fine.
    Long time Mount & Blade player and long time mod player. Just want to say that I am absolutely thrilled with your efforts so far. Love the concept and all the work you've poured into it. Also I haven't come across a single bug (yet :wink:), I've played complete mods more buggy than this.

    Keep up the good work, already this is by far one of the better Warband mods I've tried. You do the game honour!
  3. OXnBUCKSWildman

    story mods

    It's a shame about everything behind the scenes of the Wedding Dance mod for M&B. That mod was just fantastic, so rich and so much thought, tremendous detail (in MANY areas as it turns out). A port to Warband would have been amazing, but I think the mod has been put to bed - probably for the best given the circumstances.
  4. OXnBUCKSWildman

    Guide for the branch line quests

    I managed to get clue 2 with 75 in horse shooting and just over 1200 in steeplechase if thats in any way helpful.
  5. OXnBUCKSWildman

    Quick Questions/Quick Answers thread

    How & where do I use the star horn?

    EDIT: Just found it, ignore me (for now)

    Terrifc mod btw.
  6. OXnBUCKSWildman

    1945: Merdeka Atau Mati MOD

    Literally just heard about the wedding so I'm jumping on the band wagon  :mrgreen:

    Thumbs up Alan, my man! Enjoy your special day and good luck on your new adventure  :grin:
  7. OXnBUCKSWildman

    1945: Merdeka Atau Mati MOD

    I second that Nice Work Alan
  8. OXnBUCKSWildman

    MP Modern World War 3 - Discussion Active on last 5 pages

    Metalfist said:
    One problem I have spotted with your factions : Isn't the British Commonwealth in the European Union?
    And if this does continue to be developed I'm very sure this could be a very successful mod  :grin:

    Not if the next referendum goes to plan...:wink:
  9. OXnBUCKSWildman

    1945: Merdeka Atau Mati MOD

    Alan De Soison said:
    OXnBUCKSWildman said:
    These are some of these skins from The Movies? If so, brilliant idea :grin:

    skin..?? do you mean texture..? yess ..i modify and use it  :oops: because it's nice texture :oops:

    Yeah, I totally agree man :grin: Good call!
  10. OXnBUCKSWildman

    1945: Merdeka Atau Mati MOD

    yooossshhh...Gambareeee...exa :mrgreen:


    These are some of these skins from The Movies? If so, brilliant idea :grin:
  11. OXnBUCKSWildman

    1945: Merdeka Atau Mati MOD

    You're probably a bit sick of hearing it, but what you have done so far is bloody fine work  :mrgreen: Any idea on a release date?
  12. OXnBUCKSWildman

    1945: Merdeka Atau Mati MOD

    I am looking forward to this far too much  :grin: How long have you been working on it?
  13. OXnBUCKSWildman


    My only suggestion to this fine mod is the addition of this:
  14. OXnBUCKSWildman

    NEW version 3.2 OPEN BETA available

    Well you can hardly blame them for commenting, you got the feel just right. Particularly liked the version of Last of the Mohicans with the bagpipes, stirring stuff  :smile:

    Just curious about the folky sounding one with the woman singing. No idea what language but catchy as hell, whats it called?
  15. OXnBUCKSWildman

    NEW version 3.2 OPEN BETA available

    One thing that hasn't been brought up I think (its not a problem btw, far from it) is the soundtrack. Absolutely spot on :grin:

    Don't suppose someone has a track list?
  16. OXnBUCKSWildman

    FRIENDS OF GABBY - tell me your game adventures in 1755 v.3.2

    Sorry to hear of your departure Gab and hope everything works itself out. You started something incredible here and you should be proud. This is without a doubt one of the best mods I've ever played. For Anything. Ever.

    Good luck!
    And Godspeed.
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