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  1. Cordor

    Nearly a year in, Does TW acknowledge the anniversary with an update for when EA will be done?

    @Berzerker Jay You know you can cease being a drama **** and just block him right
  2. Cordor

    Modders need to fix the game

    Yeah people should waste their time and try to work with mangled code while being paid the atomic number of a neutronium because the game is bad and everyone in this community is delusional now
  3. Cordor

    Have you noticed that all the characters will be evenly matched in unarmed combat

    Y'all are old and dying, I am 21 year old chinese wing chu master and one day when I was in Jingzhou I killed 5 people with one fist blow and then had sex with Xi Jiping
  4. Cordor

    Implement a Block Stamina

    Unless you add another layer of defense that doesn't require stamina like parrying or an effective advancing guard/push guard thing, but you might as well turn the game into Guilty Gear or Soul Calibur at that point

    Which would be better since bannerlord sucks
  5. Cordor

    To my fellow mount&bladers who are disappointed at TW atm, on TW's business mode

    I too comissioned many doom wads for 500 dollars at gun point
  6. Cordor

    X To raise awareness of how this forum work for you new guys and old

    Go back to your Geriatric Doctor gramps your Dementia is showing
  7. Cordor

    Say Cheese v2

    Fellas should I keep letting my facial hair grow for the rest of april to see if it thickens or should I shave it off ? get some miracle cream maybe ? I am not naked just shirtless O_O

    each year I look more like my chinese ancestors, I was adopted into an euro descendant family please send me back to taiwan

  8. Cordor

    The only REAL and RELEVANT gamer on this forum - Rising E-CLOWN super star

    Hello, some of you may know me, some don't, that doesn't matter because you will now, let me tell you this mother heckers I am a Professional Street Fighter player I won 2 online SFV tournaments against all the best, I won all the local SFV tournaments, I am one of the best new gen third strike...
  9. Cordor

    What are you playing right now?

    Hi, How do I play Romance of Three Kingdom X for the PS2 ??????????? I play That Video Game and everytime I do my warband the chinese goverment arrests me ??????
  10. Cordor

    Bannerlord Worries

    My biggest complaint from just observing what they are trying to do with the multiplayer, is make this into an esport thing and failing at it. This won't be a big competitive game anyways and their attempts seems to just be souring the overall experience.

    The thing that made Warband have a competitive scene is that you have a natural sandbox of a multiplayer experience, everyone has a playstyle, everyone can make their own layout and build, everyone can play the way they want, which is fun, which is why mordhau has the same custom layout option, because its fun

    No one will play your competitive game if it's not fun. The competitive scene was born because the game was fun and had a space for a variety of play styles.

    Make the game fun, let the competitive players create a competitive scene, then mold the esport/competitive aspect around it with their help.
  11. Cordor

    Say Cheese v2

    NUQAR'S Kentucky "Nuqar" James XXL said:
    This is what I'm up to right now: cooking spanish rice for a woman who calls me "black doll" in a mountain village in the literal dead centre of China.


    Fun fact: the chinese word for "ummmmm..." is indistinguishable from the N word with a hard R.

    Is being called a doll like a cute thing to do in china ?
  12. Cordor

    Dev Blog 01/08/19

    I hate how wide the swings are, doesn't really look nice
  13. Cordor

    What made you laugh today - Fifth Edition

    There is like 5 n words there, it will hurt someone's feelings
  14. Cordor

    Dev Blog 04/04/19

    They look awful, thanks.
  15. Cordor

    Iron Chieftain: Simulated RTS and Citybuilder

    Can I have an nword pass on your mmorpg
  16. Cordor

    Dev Blog 14/03/19

    but what about camel physics
  17. Cordor

    Dev Blog 07/03/19

    I still don't understand why they don't just release the game on early access already, its clear that the game is playable, there is no point in holding out for long now
  18. Cordor

    Dev Blog 21/02/19

    Here is a tip, stipulate a release date for an alpha for early access, release that **** as ****ed up and playable as you can. So the next ****ing 20 blogs wont be about your super cool particle effect that noone cares about, but changelogs that actually matter and could generate a bit more of hype. It's clear that a good portion of the game is ready, just ****ing dump it out, people will buy it anyways. And when its done out of early access pc gamer will do a spicy article saying ''HEY THIS GAME IS OUT ITS OK'' and more people will buy it, it aint that hard
  19. Cordor

    Dev Blog 14/02/18

    Cool, now that the game has proper physics cavalry seem more stronger than ever. You guys better remember to make sure spears behave like spears, you know, make the units stab the goddamn horses and not just stare at it like a bunch of braindead a-holes, if modders managed to do it you guys sure as hell can, it would be bloody stupid if that wasn't implemented
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