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  1. Selphie Nutter

    Leadership Leveling

    I don’t think it’s just a leadership issue: it’s almost all across the board.

    Some abilities level up decent enough because they are overtuned. So a horse archer hits a sad soul in the head at max range flock shooting into a crowd of 200 men and gets 15 levels in archery and 10 in riding. Or someone kills 3 people with a siege weapon and now they have 3 perks unlocked. This love has always needed to be shared around.

    All Skills need primary, secondary, and tertiary ways to gain XP for them. In addition, all missions you complete should 25 bonus XP, divided up in 5 groups of 5 (which can all go to the same category, such as the art of trade giving you 25 trade XP) and that should then apply to all tag along characters giving them 15 bonus XP, divided up into 5 groups of 3.

    Leading formations as a captain should give tactics XP. Upgrading troops of the type your companions fall under should give them some nominal leadership XP (even if just 1 before the multiplier). The first time you play a board game that day, you should get 10 tactics XP if you win, 5 if you lose.

    Etc etc etc.

    Having layers ways to gain all control in all areas allows for many more ways to approach the game
    I can understand them making it easy to level up things like horseriding since damage on horseback is all down to speed. A slow horse will get you killed very easy. Scouting too, I understand why it's easy to level up, there aren't really any major benefits from leveling it up, aside from being able to catch wild Wader Hotbloods. The leveling balance for the player skills is perfectly fine, it works.

    It's the companions skills that are the problem. Their combat skills level up fine when they are with you but to level up their leadership and tactics they have to be made leaders of their own party and that is very expensive to do, especially in the early stages, but if you don't level them up in the early stages they become easy marks when your ready to found your own kingdom and you end up constantly running around cleaning up after them because they are so easy to defeat dispite their combat capabilities because their tactics and leadership skills aren't high enough.

    I like to play as a Battanian, but battalions develop towns slower than most and have Vlandia, Sturgia and The Western Empire on their door step. So every time I play as a Battanian Hero, I level up to clan Tier 4, set up maximum companion parties and declare war on Caladog. I like to time it so they are in trouble when I pick a fight. I take one of their castles and play Zone Defence to level up my clan. The problem is while I'm doing this the AI is getting loads of leadership and tactics exp, but my companions aren't. So when the time comes to promote them to clan leaders, all the hard work ends up in vain because they don't have enough leadership and tactics experience to go with their combat capabilities. I can conquer Battanian as a obe clan Army easy enough, keeping hold of it with only my companions clans to back me up is another matter.
  2. Selphie Nutter

    Kingdom decisions

    One thing that really bugs me about this game is how little say our ruling clan has over who gets what castle/settlement. I like to hand out settlements and castles to clans that fit the culture of that region. But that is impossible to do on this game because once you have 2 or 3 clans in your...
  3. Selphie Nutter

    Leadership Leveling

    I've asked this before and I will ask it again, could you please make it easier to level up companions leadership. I know the stewardship skill increases their party size when you make them lead a party, tactics are their fighting capabilities and leadership effects moral. But since we can...
  4. Selphie Nutter

    In Progress Defence of Rhemtoil Castle Siege/Ambush crash

    Summary: Summary:I've fought multiple defence battles at Rhemtoil Castle and it keeps crashing when I fight a defensive battle against Sturgia, its happened 3 tines so far against the battalions when I tried to attack their siege camp but only when attacking the siege camp. When fighting...
  5. Selphie Nutter

    Resolved Send troops death ratio broken

    Auto resolve did used to be tougher before release and 150 tactics may not be high enough when compared against an enemy commanders skill in auto resolve with this update though. I do agree you should not be losing elite cataphracts (I'm asssuming this is the elite cav you mean) to looters.
    Fights without helmets is a 'done for the movies' thing and in bannerlord all armour affects on their death chance or wounded %. Sword sisters were amazing in warband, in bannerlord not worth it.
    Yes they are the elite cav I'm talking about. I have high leadership tactics and medical yet they die to low level troops which include malitia and recruits. I could probably forgive the loss of my horse archers if my cav didn't die just as easy
  6. Selphie Nutter

    In Progress Car Bensath is missing arrow barrels

    Summary:I just took Car Bensath to find that there are no arrow barrels to be found anywhere in the entire castle. I'm currently trying to defend it from a army of 1200 which normally wouldn't be too hard if there where arrow barrels to restock my arrow supply. Could you please fix this ASAP...
  7. Selphie Nutter

    Resolved [v1.1.x] Companions promoted to vassal disappear

    I followed what you were saying. To clarify my point, once I had promoted a companion to a lord when I founded my own kingdom, that former companion and now vassal would occasionally disappear as in it would say they were lost in the side of the screen.

    I realize that these are two different issues, but hopefully you'll see why I thought that they could be the same.

    Strangely, I just came across a "lost" one after he had won a tournament. Went to the town and he was there with the only dialog option to just leave. Still shows as lost in the encyclopedia.
    Sorry my mistake
  8. Selphie Nutter

    Elite unit caps

    Armies of elites do steamroll if you are half good at the game. Creating your own kingdom is easy. I do use mods. The challenge is gone pretty quickly once you have a couple towns even with a few clan parties. My idea was to more closely mimic feudalism where knights were only drawn from a small section of society and much of the rest of any army was drawn of less well armoured, trained and equipped troops.
    The problem there though is the whole point of the game is destroying that way of life (if you choose none imperial). The other problem with that is that's the imperials way of life and almost all imperial kingdoms get butchered in every playthrough I've done so far. 1 of the three ends up surviving but only because it helped to butcher the other 2.

    Besides,we start with lightly armoured troops, tier 1 and 2 troops don't exactly screen overpowered. No troops, even ones that start lightly armoured stay that way. Even in history, the lesser men as the Aristocracy would call them wouldn't stay lightly armoured if they proved they could survive. Those that survived either joined the Aristocracy and got "rewarded" for it or got executed/assassinated for being a threat to it.
  9. Selphie Nutter

    Inconsistent polearm skill

    In most other skills, cavalry and infantry are clearly delineated. Why not here? I think this is just a mistake by the developers.
    Otherwise, they should just say "all troops" instead of just "cavalry."
    So what your saying is only foot troops should get attack boost while using pole arms?

    If like you say they should change the captain skill to effect only foot troops then the same can be said for the personal.

    If your personal preference is to use cavelry pole arms instead of foot soldiers. Then the perk should be changed to boost all and not just foot troops
  10. Selphie Nutter


    This is a great idea!
    Actually I was thinking maybe even Istiana or Arzagos joining our clan as companions.
    Arzagos could have excellent martial and general skill to help lead parties,maybe even make him an official Lord like any other and bless him with some lost people that could revive his culture.

    Istiana could be one of the best administrators,engineer,stewardness,making everything build extremly fast and stopping rebellions for your clan aswell as provide you with unique quests to increase relation,get rid of parties/armies or simply monetary gain through objectives!
    There too busy playing spy, but it would be nice to make them a bit more official as our spy masters.
  11. Selphie Nutter

    Never Met Known Houses

    I just find it funny that our character knows enough to know how to get hired as a mercenary. But not enough to know the names of the people hiring them 😂

    The leaders and heirs of the great houses should be visible at the very least. The rest, well noone that isn't a part of the Aristocracy knows the names of every member of a great house. And the only reason the Aristocrats know is so they can gloat when their opponents f*ck up.
  12. Selphie Nutter

    Resolved Send troops death ratio broken

    Do you have high tactics, leadership, morale and a skilled medic? I've had some siege simulations go bad when only one wall was broken, but I've not lost anyone to tiny bandit numbers in ages.
    The bucellarii and gallant sword sister are the weakest horse archers, with sword sisters not even having helmets!! I don't believe the gallant sword sisters require horses to upgrade (so the horse has no armour) that is why they're useful in early game but for their mercenary costs, pointless after it.
    Yes to all of the above, my character is level 30 with 200+ on leadership over 150 tactics a medic with over 200 moral at maximum and my elites still die using send troops, Elite cavelry included.

    As for the horse archers I'm using being the weakest it doesn't explain that before the update is take 1 death for them at most if any then after the update all they do is die.

    As for the helmets, some of my companions don't use helmets unless I give them one and they survive just fine. May capable warriors survived history without a helmet.

    No helmet or not, it takes a skilled archer to hit a target moving at the speed a horse moves. They shouldn't be dying so easily going up against tier 2 troops.
  13. Selphie Nutter

    Recruiting Radagos

    I'm confused as to why Radagos never reappears after the story quest. I always hoped I could recruit him and help him redeem himself. Is it possible you plan to add more content that includes Radagos in the future, as it seems a wase of a potentially good storyline to just make him disappear...
  14. Selphie Nutter


    When he said he try his luck at being a mercenary or something I was like please pop up as a companion in a few years or that idea with a quest he needs help then he joins you. Wouldn't mind having him as a companion since he does get his stats raised in the hideout assault
    I was hoping the same thing, i wanted to recruit him to help him redeem himself.

    At the end of the day, my companions consist of, outcasts, rape victims, Vengeful souls and romantics, Radagis would fit right in 😂
  15. Selphie Nutter

    Never Met Known Houses

    It's pretty funny that Penton has an encyclopedia entry but you still don't know anything about him...
    Yeah exactly, the soon to be king of the northern empire and theirs no rumours to give you basics about him lol
  16. Selphie Nutter

    Resolved [v1.1.x] Companions promoted to vassal disappear

    My apologies. Wasn't sure if it was the same or different because they were fine being in my party when it happened, but are lost only when part of an army. Whatever the case, I hope it gets resolved soon, and thanks for the clarification for me.
    No its not companions its lords, example - Mantos is the Lord of House Argos. After a few hours of playing the game you might see in the messages (on the left side of the screen) Mantos disappeared. If you go into the encyclopedia and check on Mantos it will tell you that they disappeared. This is only supposed to happen to wanderers, Lords and Ladies aren't ment to disappear, die of old age, die in childbirth and die in battle yes, but not randomly disappear.
  17. Selphie Nutter

    Resolved Send troops death ratio broken

    Summary: since the march 1st update the kill death ratio has been very broken. I am currently playing a new game and leading a party of 200 (all are max level elites). Yet If I am lot actively leading them, they get decimated. Even going up against bandit troops of 20,if I use the send troops...
  18. Selphie Nutter

    Resolved Player force out of town whole its under seige

    Guys this thread is marked as resolved, the moderators probably aren't even reading your comments anymore.

    You need to make a new thread to report the new bugs.

    Saying that, i have also been pulling my hair out about the losses I take if I'm not leading the army. But we need to post our complaints in a new thread to make them aware of it because they are busy and probably don't check threads marked as resolved that often, if at all.
  19. Selphie Nutter

    Resolved [v1.1.x] Companions promoted to vassal disappear

    My companion vassals who left all have eventually left when I've been showing mercy to a fief after conquering it - even if they're not part of my army, but are part of a different army that joined the siege. I'm not sure if that's a bug or part of the trait system.

    If it's intended, then it would've been nice to have a notice - or perhaps not affect the character that shouldn't be participating in the looting either way.
    You missunderstand mate, we aren't talking about vassals that defect/leave the kingdom because of your actions. We are talking about lords disappearing the same way wanderers disappear from the game if you don't recruit them.

    Lords shouldn't be disappearing like wanderers do, dying of old age, dying in childbirth or being killed in battle are the only ways lords are ment to be killed. They aren't ment to just go missing like the wanderers, which means there is a bug causing it to happen.
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