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  1. Fattisimo

    Need More Info Befriended Lord Stuck in a Loop Talking with Me

    Alternately you can enable cheats and CTRL-click to teleport away, solves issue as a workaround.
  2. Fattisimo

    Resolved Stuck in an infinite loop of conversations after persuading a lord to defect

    Can confirm this is still present in beta release. Oof :smile:
  3. Fattisimo

    Get Athletics Ability for Pushing Ram/Tower with your Men

    Seems like some additional experience points in athletics while working quads would make sense. Simple suggestion and hopefully simple implementation!
  4. Fattisimo

    7000 Denar Companion with 0 skills and 0 attributes

    I don't know if this might be related, but after "Find Daughter" quest she will appear as a Wanderer with zero stats and -120 SP for next level.

    I think she should be more skilled than that.
  5. Fattisimo

    Shaping/Leveling Companion Skills

    That would certainly make sense to require funding for education. It would be inline with old Warband themes of buying a skillbook.
  6. Fattisimo

    Shaping/Leveling Companion Skills

    First of all, really enjoying the experience so far! There is a great foundation for further growth. Have a suggestion here for companions. With the current leveling system requiring "doing" actions to increase experience in that category, it is difficult to get companions to level their skills...
  7. Fattisimo

    Companions should travel to your fief after party defeat.

    That makes sense to have them congregate. Maybe have a low chance that one will get scattered rather than return? (i.e. some may be captured and become separated). And if you didn't want to go find them yourself, maybe have a companion mission to go "Rescue _____"

    Just thoughts!
  8. Fattisimo

    Forces should start further apart.

    I tend to agree that distances are nicely balanced, it seems to me that there is a "dynamic" start distance depending on the size of the army. Anyone notice the difference in start distance depending on battle size?
  9. Fattisimo

    Game crashes upon trying to exit inventory or trade screen

    Having this exact problem. I also had the "X number of weapons" quest. Will just hold off on any transaction screens for now, I guess.....
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