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  1. GaMoR

    Resolved Siege crashes

    With the Beta Patch 1.2.0. i can join Sieges (Attack, Defend, Saly out, Alone or as a Part of a Army) with UI turned off. It seems to be fixed. Thank you very much!
  2. GaMoR

    Resolved Siege crashes

    Hello is there any update on this bug? It is in now some time and it is kind of a bad work around to think every sige to turn on UI before battle and than turn it of afterwards :sad:. Would be realy happy if someone could look into this.

    Thank you in advance.
  3. GaMoR

    Resolved Siege crashes

    Yes i send multiple with subscription. But i just createt a new one: 2023-02-20_20.33.06_60470fe4c5d244a4d923d8c926b6b577.

    Turn on "hide battle UI" join any siege (even the custom Battle one from Main Menu = crash (after you press the ready button). Thank you very much.
  4. GaMoR

    Resolved Siege crashes

    Summary: Every Siege crash after Deployment screen. Even Custombattle Sieges. I had this problem since the beta and switching back to stable solved it. After Month i found the reason. I was wondering why nobody seems to have the problem and hotfixes didnt help. So i was trying nearly everything...
  5. GaMoR

    In Progress My achievements are disabled after 2500+ game days

    For me it is the same. No mods, no cheats. I'm 1100+ days in the campaign. Not done the main quest yet (didn't reveal the Dragon Banner) but at one poit i just load and a small notice appeared "achievements disabled". I don't know for what action. I'm on ironmode no cheats no mods pure vanilla. - It is not the end of the worl but tbh i like to go for the achivements in this game. (Normaly i don't care but here it is different)
  6. GaMoR

    Resolved BUG Beta patch - Athletics Perk Mighty Blow - increases health too much

    With the new patch the problem seems to be fixed (at least for me and the savegame)
  7. GaMoR

    Why doesn't blocking reward XP?

    Really, just spamming the attack button is good? No I would rather have a balanced and well rounded experience where good timed and skillful blocks boost xp as well. Seems logical. Besides I can just spam attacks if I want to game the system.
    You missunderstood my point. I'm a huge fan of Blocking and it is fun. It is art but i don't agree "i want for everything EP". Let me quote:
    Sorry do you want xp for breathing too

    Blocking is not easy and it should not be easy. The reward of a good block is to meet death a little bit later. That should be reward enough.
  8. GaMoR

    Resolved Hide Battle UI hides "Transfer Troops To" UI

    I've been informed that this bug is fixed and the fix will be sent to the game with future patches. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
    Thank you and all for the effort!
  9. GaMoR

    Why doesn't blocking reward XP?

    You only learn by hurting people in Calradia
    Yes, and this is good!
  10. GaMoR

    Resolved BUG Beta patch - Athletics Perk Mighty Blow - increases health too much

    Same happend to me 100% no mods and cheats still 384 HP after geting Perk Mighty Blow (+ 274 HP for the Perk with 275 Athl. Sklill).
  11. GaMoR

    What single mechanic or feature added by a mod would you like to see implemented in the base game?

    Diplomacy and meaningful late game Battels would be a good start for me. I know the argument it is supposed to be war all the time and for the most players they enjoy arcade battels but why not make a more immersive playstyle as a option (maybe on Bannerlord difficulty. You or AI wasted a Army -> okay good luck rebuilding it over the next ingame year 😊)?
  12. GaMoR

    [Beta 1.1.0] - no Sieges for me anymore

    Hello Sirs and Ladies I have searched the support forum and nobody have to have an issue with sieges in the newest beta version []. So, I just wanted to ask here for your experience? In the beta version it is for me not possible to join a single siege not as the attacker nor as...
  13. GaMoR

    Resolved [Beta 1.1.0] Save is possible in Ironman mode

    Summary: The button in the Main Menu to save is working, even Ironman Mode was selected in campaign creation How to Reproduce: Start a campain in Ironman Mode Have you used cheats and if so which: no Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU Driver...
  14. GaMoR

    In Progress Renown bug

    Just to add i gain renown from quest, hideouts and tournaments. But no gain from looters, raiders etc. I can't test if i get renown gain fighting against armys because i still stuck at lvl 0 so to small troop count for winning against Armys. Player Culture is Vlandia.
  15. GaMoR

    Resolved After defeat Disorganized debuff for Lords not part of an army yet

    Summary: Hello there kind Sir or Madam If you destroy an army: all the Lords of the Army, get the army dissolved disorganized debuff even if they are far away and not an active part of the Army yet (just on their way to join the Army) How to Reproduce: Beat an Army before are all members...
  16. GaMoR

    Resolved AI handing every captured fief to player

    Hmm to be honest it sounds more like a Mod issue. Or it seems to be a very rare bug. Did you try a vanila Playthroug with 1.8 did (do) you have the same issue?
  17. GaMoR

    In Progress 1.80 Armies and Parties hoarding grain

    Yapp at a Point if you keep your army together long enough and win fights you will slowly bring your army down to a point where you won't reach anything with the cohesion breaking you army or spending a ton of influence (especially Vlandia).

    :smile: Haaa i still have the words in my ear from a long, long, long time ago, when in a pre-release Video the community manager was talking about a non-cheating AI that will have the exact same struggle as the player to maintain Army’s. Present day AI Cheats Troops and Grain from thin Air :wink:...
  18. GaMoR

    Resolved Non mounted Companians count as mounted and mess up spacing of formation

    Summary: Since I was captured and all my Companions were lost, something went wrong with their formation identity. After I get all my Companions back. I gathered again some troops and then it started, that my infantry formation had all the time the spacing like they would be mounted. It has a...
  19. GaMoR

    Resolved Hide Battle UI hides "Transfer Troops To" UI

    Summary: Also it hides the "Transfer Troops to" UI if you press F3 F5 I m pretty sure it worked with 1.7.0 (no hotfixes) but now see only the courser no Window. How to Reproduce: Enter a Woodbandit HIdeout (with swiched off Battle UI) Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if...
  20. GaMoR

    Resolved Revenue Farming Quest - Questgiver in Prison -> Quest Fail

    I have to apologise there is the Text option to give the tax money to the city. It is kind of non-prominent in the bottom but it is there :wink: - maybe if it is not too much of an effort there could be the light blue exclamation mark to make it a little more obvious? None the less there is no real problem with this quest, sorry.
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