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  1. Dante.

    MP Native Persistent Empires

    Brilliant mod. Glad we have the equivalent of PW for Bannerlord!
  2. Dante.

    Full Release - PC & Console

    Great to see a final release date, but damn do you guys have a lot of work to do for this game to be at the right standard for release. God speed!
  3. Dante.

    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.0

    You absolute legends, can't wait to try this patch out. Will be the first time I've installed the game since early this year, seems like it's worth playing now.
  4. Dante.

    I wonder how Turkey's suffering economy is affecting the development of this game?

    We just have to hope that the finance team of Taleworlds weren't dumb enough to convert all of their profits into TRY.
  5. Dante.

    SP Native Realistic Weapon Collision. V1.5 Update

    This doesn't seem to be compatible with the latest version 1.6.2. Would be much appreciated if you could update it ?
  6. Dante.

    Custom Titles

    ...It's time to save a few typing words...:razz:
    It's the end of a long era
  7. Dante.

    Custom Titles

    Respect the hustle.
  8. Dante.

    Current Issues being working on

    Thanks for keeping us updated.
  9. Dante.

    Taleworlds please get to work

    Imagine how annoying it must be as a dev to see some random twit say "get to work".
  10. Dante.

    Development Update #3: War and Peace

    very cool very swag i like it
  11. Dante.

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.0

    Beta servers are down.
  12. Dante.

    EU GENTLEMENS AGREEMENT? Only queue alone for skirmish.

    Would be great if people stuck to this, queue times now are crazy with almost nobody playing.
  13. Dante.

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.0

    MP combat does seem better, and noticable performance improvements!
  14. Dante.

    New rank images!

    They look great! Also glad to see the Honor Guard badges. Now we just need the TW theme :coffee:
  15. Dante.

    SP Native Realistic Weapon Collision. V1.5 Update

    Yes. This happens literally as the last thing in a melee callback, after the damage is calculated, blow is created and regstered.

    Maybe its your pereception with no blood and not being able to spam attacks so quickly that they are unblockable?

    That last sentence is accurate for sure haha, definitely perception.
  16. Dante.

    Patch Notes e1.4.1

    I knew it would be worth the wait, good job!
  17. Dante.

    SP Native Realistic Weapon Collision. V1.5 Update

    Are you 100% sure this doesn't effect damage? As I swear it's taking more hits to kill enemies now than it did before.
  18. Dante.

    Debating implementation of a Reaction/Like system

    I don't support a like/reaction system. There's my two cents.
  19. Dante.

    1.4 update and 1.3 stabilisation

    The fact that some people take what I said seriously is quite entertaining.
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