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  1. imemine

    Can someone unban me from Mount and Siege???

    For unban requests on Mount & Siege please use their official website:
  2. imemine

    MOVED: Requesting a save game with level 20 companions

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  3. imemine

    Fietta's Inverse Thread

    Don't necro a thread for no good reason.
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  5. imemine

    MOVED: how to change flag in battle to army name or infantry, cavalry common name?

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  6. imemine

    Warband Matchmaking Client 2.0.2 (WBMM)

    Watly said:
    We can only identify someone by hardware hash since we already know the (person, hardware_hash) connection. If you already know the person, you do not need the hardware_hash as well to build a profile, nor does the hardware_hash provide additional information.

    Orion gave quite a clear explanation on why an IP address is personal data, yet a hardware ID isn't. Knowing someone's IP address gives you a relatively easy way to find someone's location, while knowledge of the hardware id does not point to the physical pc. The only way you can find out which pc a hardware id belongs to is by hacking as many computers as possible and hoping you get lucky.

    Article 4(5) of GDPR defines pseudonymization as: "‘pseudonymisation’ means the processing of personal data in such a manner that the personal data can no longer be attributed to a specific data subject without the use of additional information, provided that such additional information is kept separately and is subject to technical and organisational measures to ensure that the personal data are not attributed to an identified or identifiable natural person;".
    By using pseudonymization methods, you separate all the identifiers so that nobody can link them to a specific person. However, GDPR makes it clear that pseudonymous data is still considered personal data if the data controller or other party is able to reverse the process of pseudonymisation (which I assume is the case for WBMM).

    Edit: Just wanted to add, that I don't see a problem with collecting the hardware id as long as you add that information to WBMM's privacy policy and the user is informed about it prior to installation of WBMM.
  7. imemine

    Community Chronicles

    Good luck with the project. Can't wait to start reading  :grin:
  8. imemine

    MOVED: AI Lords Do Not Cease "Raising More Men"

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  9. imemine

    Warband Matchmaking Client 2.0.2 (WBMM)

    Fietta said:
    No offense but what changes if you're project leader and mynes is still developing it? Unless you're saying that he's just EX everything.
    Read the last post:,377105.msg9028586.html#msg9028586
  10. imemine

    Will the National Cup be this fall?

    The question is answered here,379299.0.html

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  11. imemine

    MOVED: Hiring Someone who can add some osps in a module for me

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  12. imemine

    [BCM] Grand Final Bracket & Fixture

    Thanks to KROWA and Frontline Tactics for entertaining us with this thrilling final.

    Congrats to the new champions Frontline Tactics. :party:
  13. imemine

    [BCM] Team Rosters & Substitutions

    Charlini said:
    Gibby wishes his name changed to cringy 'Dark_Gibby'
    Gibby already played as Gibby. Name change denied!
    Rules are rules, sorry.
  14. imemine

    [BCM] Main Event Bracket & Fixtures

    Semi Final:
    Frontline Tactics 12 - 1 Aequalitas


    The last set was not played.

    gg wp
  15. imemine

    [BCM] Main Event Bracket & Fixtures

    Frontline Tactics vs. Rising Rivals
    31.08.2018 20:00 BST
    - Default Win for Frontline Tactics -
  16. imemine

    [BCM] Servers & Booking

    V1ncent said:
    Team you are from?: Malta
    Teams involved?: Unity
    BCM Match?: yes
    Server Location: DE_4
    Day, Date & Time: 31.08; 20.20 bst
    BCMasters_Oasis_DE4 for you
  17. imemine

    [BCM] Team Rosters & Substitutions

    Apollo~ said:
    TEAM: A Q

    Yes, we are aware this will be our emergency sub.
    Emergency sub permitted.
  18. imemine

    [BCM] Servers & Booking

    Matt_ said:
    Team you are from?: KROWA
    Teams involved?: Inversed Brains
    BCM Match?: Yes
    Server Location: Germany
    Day, Date & Time: 19:30bst 30/08/2018
    BCMasters_DE2 for you
  19. imemine

    [BCM] Servers & Booking

    Aleksey said:
    Team you are from?: Blackened
    Teams involved?: **
    BCM Match?: Yes
    Server Location: Germany
    Day, Date & Time: 30.08.2018 19.30bst
    BCMasters_DE1 for you
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