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  1. files

    somthing is wrong it says diagnostic messages
  2. files

    i donwload them and i extracted both how do i put them together
  3. sorry about the double post (download)

    i totally need help i downloaded winrar what do i do next i need full insrtuctions please!!!!
  4. download

    ya i downloaded win rar but howdo i extract both of them???
  5. Rise Of Khergits - Bug Reports

    i need help with download i get a rar. file what do i do
  6. factions

    i have aquestion how much renown do you need to reclaim a throne and if you want to join a kingdom what do you requir and need!
  7. download

    how do you get it in modules it is a rar. document
  8. question about reclaiming throne

    sorry about asking twice but ya how do you join the black legioni had -40 relationship with the kingdoms they where against and +5 with their kingdon and +8 with the king!! how do i join???
  9. question about reclaiming throne

    how much renown do i need to reclaim the thrown
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