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  1. Mariusel

    Napoleonic Wars in-game texture problems

    Thanks for the answer, but I managed to fix it. The point is I forgot to add textures to brf "textures" tab
  2. Mariusel

    Napoleonic Wars in-game texture problems

    So I installed some custom rifleman british and frech marshal uniforms mod and my textures are white. I checked everything, installed 100% correctly and in openBRF the meshes look just like they should be in-game, but in-game they are white cloudy. *Load textures on demand is always enabled.
  3. Mariusel

    How has your L'aigle adventures been going?

    Italy, France and Holland are about to fall on the behave of United Kingdom. I hope we will keep it that way, but I'm afraid we wont, and I must do everything. Officers don't care about us anymore.
  4. Mariusel

    The most interesting question ever

    What do you guys think would happen if you never join/create any faction, live life as a peasant or a bandit and let the Calradia conquer itself? Would it be conquered by a faction or there will be war to the end?
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