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  1. darklazer


    I've got a few questions.. I've taken my own castle, however depending on what kingdom i attack my newly founded kingdom is called (Swadian)Rebels. or ect. I've selected my banner but how in the world do i change the name? Second, How do i send emessionaries to other kingdoms to forge alliances...
  2. darklazer


    Well, running around on the map and going into towns works perfectly for me, but when i enter any battle, (bandits, armies, seiges.. ect..) the game fails to load all the textures, and the screen that shows the options to either take the field with the soldiers and whatnot, blends in with selective parts of my character. (the battlefield and menu screen merg) I've reinstalled M&B twice, and i have also gotten 3 fresh downloads of this mod, this also happens to me with the 1860's Old America Mod. (crash for this mod normally ends with a runtime error after a few seconds, but 1860's will stay like this for a good period of time.) i dont know if this is the right place to post, and i know i double posted sorry :mad:
  3. darklazer

    Quest Glitch

    1. i doubt it could make it half-way across the map in ten minutes (not resting)
    2. the transport i attacked was named, Death's Hand Transport.. or somthing rather like that..
    3. i furgot to make a previous save :'(
  4. darklazer

    Quest Glitch

    On the quest to intercept the Death's hand axe or whatever, I jumped the transporters almost as soon as they left, i won.. but after it didnt say i completed the quest, so i waited for a bit and i get a message that tells me that the weapon reached the town, and was destroyed, but a trigger...
  5. darklazer

    The Masked one, I defeated him, Then killed him

    so i have a video uploading so if you really really hate the masked one, wack the **** out of him..but some bugs that need to be worked out. So, in the meantime ill provide you with a screenshot of the message after i killed him until the video is up..  :twisted: and hah, i dont have to worry...
  6. darklazer


    i realise theirs multipul threads already on this subject, but for the quest to find Killop.. ive searched every tavern and the woods.. where is he?!
  7. darklazer

    The Chaos War - Screenshots

    Crotch shot.. Im really glad that aint me

    because the laws of physics dont apply to water
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