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  1. Harold-Godwinson

    Bannerlord Clan list

    Clan name: Kingdom of England
    Clan tag: [KoE]
    Clan region: INT (EU/NA)
    Clan's TW thread or TW group link:
    Contact's info (links to TW & Steam profiles):
  2. Harold-Godwinson

    Kingdom of England

    Age of the Cavalry sorry Edd poor pubs
  3. Harold-Godwinson

    Kingdom of England

    very solid core of veterans I am happy to have onboard to help establish the foundation of England.
  4. Harold-Godwinson

    Assessing Taleworlds As a Company

    The intern point I think explains the reason for the time to develop this game. The success they have had at launch is amazing though and I am very happy for them, and I have been patiently waiting for this game for a long time. Glad its here and looking forward to see its development over the next few years.
    It has its problems but still better than majority of the early access games I have played over past few years.
  5. Harold-Godwinson

    Kingdom of England

    The Age of the Cavalry is here.
  6. Harold-Godwinson

    Multiplayer characters

    find out in 23 minutes
    i figured it would take my mind off of waiting to start messing on forums.
  7. Harold-Godwinson

    What are the best server hosting sites for release?

    Dedicated server files won't be available on early access release.

    Since early access will go for about a year from what i have been told, does this mean we will not be able to do private events (linebattles and the like).
  8. Harold-Godwinson

    Multiplayer characters

    So simple question will the multiplayer character creation be the same as Warband? With you creating a character and selecting a banner (good for guilds and helping to stand out from masses) Or is it just based on steam name and faction? I know in Beta it was this way, but its a pain for large...
  9. Harold-Godwinson

    March is here bois, how's your hype?

    The game should be good, launch should be huge with alot of extra players available due to worldwide virus, but I think the game is not ready and the all the players from old game will wonder "10 years and we still having problems".
    Graphics look good but surprised server size is still so small.
    No private servers?
    Campaign should be awesome (1 of my favorite casual things to do).
    PvP/factions/units are not well balanced and the old system for unit choice I think was much more efficient.
    Every goddamn heathen and his uncle has a throwing weapon in this game and it ruins the play style of the veteran players who respect skill not spam range.
  10. Harold-Godwinson

    Kingdom of England

    Welcome everyone to the Kingdom of England. All banners from past units over the last 9 years are being called for a gathering to fight under the glorious banner of England.For any questions feel free to contact me directly via steam Steam Profile...
  11. Kingdom of England

    Kingdom of England

    ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬|♔| Kingdom of England |♔|▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● Welcome to the Kingdom of England brothers. We are an alliance of players focusing on Mount and Blade Bannerlord. The Kingdom of England is a guild with a rich history. We come from a multitude of clans, groups and associations from...
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