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  1. Floris Evolved (Sub Mod - Released)

    Im trying to get the text log to work with Floris evolved.
    If i launch Floris evolved though steam it loads V 1.172 but the text log dosent work.
    After much hassling and waiting for Tale world support i got the mod to run using the provided desktop launcher but it launches an out of date version of the mod with a working text log but is incomparable with my save

    How do i get the text log working on 1.172

  2. Steam 5x5 Keys solution

    Daegoth said:
    If you want to convert your 5x5 Steam key to 4x4 Taleworlds key, then you just have to right click on your game and select "View game CD key". That's all. You can use that key for playing Mount&Blade series without Steam.

    This does not work steam only shows their 5x5 CD key. The link also provided in this thread is dead. Sure as hell wish Tale world would stop screwing around and just accept the 5x5 key like they did originally.
  3. Steam, Warband and 5x5 CD Keys Guide

    I have a working 5x5 steam key but in order to play a mod I have to have the 4x4 key Taleworlds demands. Seriously what is wrong with just supporting the steam keys like you guys originally were doing years ago!
  4. Support

    Playing Floris Gameplay 2.55 and it seems none of the special combat actions (Shield bash, spear brace, deploy Pavice) don't work. Shield bash and spear brace are completely non functional and the only way to deploy a Pavice is to drop the item on the ground instead of using the indicated keybinding in mod options.
  5. Politics! Discussions, tips and tricks, etc.!

    Wendek said:
    Yup... known and annoying bug. However, you can "guess" their personality if you have very high honor (150+) because honorable lords will at that point have much more relation than the others (you get +1 relation for every 3 honor points iirc). And since usually you mostly want good lords to begin with, it's okay. Doesn't work at all if you want to take martial lords but not bad-tempered ones though.

    Hah thats my situation exactly I cant get enough upstanding or good nurtured so I have to get something to fill the ranks.
    I did assume it was a bug just didnt know if it was a bug with the mod or with the vanilla game. Thanks again for all the info.
  6. Politics! Discussions, tips and tricks, etc.!

    What I mean is when a lord is in my court waiting to join even though their personality is known their personality dose not show on the list. And any relatives they have will not talk about them at all their names don't show up on the "Tell me about" Option though they are standing right next to one another in my court. Once I accept/refuse them they re appear on their relatives "Tell me about" list.  Additionally lords that I have accepted also don't show their personality's in my known lords list.
  7. Politics! Discussions, tips and tricks, etc.!

    Thanks for all the tips finally got him to join.

    One thing I have noticed in the list of Known lords it also gives their personalty type If known. Unless they are one of your vassals or waiting to pledge to you for some odd reason.
  8. Politics! Discussions, tips and tricks, etc.!

    Hanakoganei said:
    Try again next week. They don't like talking about politics too often and I believe the refresh time is 7 days.

    About your troops, try storing the ones that are defecting in a barracks somewhere for a while, maybe a week. Troop defection is always delayed, like the game calculates their decision first and then makes them defect up to several days afterwards, kinda like how morale doesn't instantly go to 99 even if you have everything needed for it.

    Odd, for both of those. Its been several months and he still wont talk politics, and the troops would defect immediately after each battle against the Nords.

    Also how do you get to that debug mode so i can see my current chance of them defecting.
  9. Politics! Discussions, tips and tricks, etc.!

    Hanakoganei said:
    There is a fair amount of randomness to recruiting lords. I think the highest chance I've seen (using debug mode) is about 75%. I'm fairly certain it's impossible to get a 100% success chance. I always save before talking to a lord and reload because I'm cheap like that lol.

    Also all of my infantryman are nords If i have one tiny little skirmish with any nord lord a handful of my best troops always defect even though I had 99 morale beforehand.
    If you're at war with the Nords your Nord troops will have negative morale based on how low your relation is with the Nords. However I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be enough for them to leave your party if your normal morale is 99. I only know is that they will get a penalty to morale based on your relation with the Kingdom of the Nords.

    I asked the lord in question in person only once and he dosent seem to like talking about politics with me anymore.

    My war with the nords was rather quick. They were on the other side of the map from me and basicly i just wanted to smack them around a bit because they were getting a little too strong. Declared war, recaptured a 2 city's on behalf of other nations then had a white peace but it was still enough for my Nord units to defect reguardless, my relation to the Nords never dropped lower than -60
  10. Politics! Discussions, tips and tricks, etc.!

    Two questions.
    There is a lord whom i wish to defect to my nation. He holds No Fiefs and i am offering him a Town to himself. He dislikes his current lord -10 to -5 depending on how Ragnar is dishing out lands. And he has high relations with me. He believes he would be safer with me, he says he likes me more and believes i will uphold his rights as a lord etc etc. By every right hes practically begging to join me. But he still refuses no matter what. Is there something im missing? is there a hardcoded relations thershold i have to achive before he will defect?

    Also all of my infantryman are nords If i have one tiny little skirmish with any nord lord a handful of my best troops always defect even though I had 99 morale beforehand. Ive never missed a payment and ive never been without a variety of food. Is there anything i can do to prevent this?
  11. Arenas not appearing 2.55

    The only issue I've seen on the world map would be textrue seams in the terrain where the terrain docent quite line up just right, at least i think that's what it might be. Sometimes it gets pretty frequent but I honestly have yet to discern if they are actual texture seams or a Rain visual affect on the overworld since they seem to pop up more frequently when the lighting isn't as bright and there is rain in battlefields/town parts of the game. Either way it dose not really bother me that much since that really isn't where the focus of the game takes place.

    Actually now that I've looked at it it defiantly is some seams in the ground. Its really bad in the forested areas around Praven I can just sit there and see white lines and specks pop in and out randomly as I rotate and zoom the camera.
  12. Support

    Hanakoganei said:
    NeoCat said:
    Also has anyone noticed that the Expanded 2.55 download on nexus downloads 2.54? Looking at the names right now "Flors EXPANDED mod Pack v2.55-3489-2-55.rar" extracting contains the folder "Floris Expanded mod Pack 2.54" I suppose it coudl just be a typo but its worth mentioning.
    Yeah known minor issue. Uploader forgot to rename the folder. The correct folder was uploaded though so no worries.

    About your other issues, did you install some kind of patch/fix or some other submod over your mod installation?

    Ya responded before I had a chance to say I fixed it myself. Uninstalled the mod and M&B warband itself and did a re install and it worked fine. although with some unexpected frame rate issues which im working on tweaking settings and such atm. Not really sure why any of that worked since it was bascily a clean install to begin with. I guess it didnt like diplomacy (the last mod i was playing with) having its own space in the modules folder.

    But to answer your question, no other patches or submods, just vanilla Warbands and Floris extended. I am using the latest steam version of Warband 1.160 I thought that might of been the problem at the time but it works now so i guess that isn't it.
  13. Arenas not appearing 2.55

    Hanakoganei said:
    This possibly seems to be a RAM/VRAM related issue. Warband selectively unloads or forgets to load some textures. You likely also commonly have the issue where you see large patches of black on your world map, or the buttons at the bottom of the screen disappearing.

    If I happen to be right, you might find that re-entering the location might fix it, as Warband unloads assets from other places and reloads the area.

    I highly doubt that its an issue with insufficient ram or Vram. This system has 16 gigs of Ram and a 64 bit OS so it isn't bottle necked there. my GFX card is a Geforce GTX 560 with 4095 MB total Vram not the top of the line (anymore) but more than plenty for everything I play
    Besides it isn't simply a missing/unloaded texture, the whole model of the structure itself isnt being loaded excepting its clipping box. Unless M&B defaults texture less meshes to being transparent something of which I've heard of that ever being the case in any game.

    Never had any black patches on the world map or missing buttons, The missing buildings/ completely missing arena happens every time i re enter the area, across multiple re installs of the base game and the mod, and across new characters. But Only with the Gameplay 2.55 version of the mod. No issues with it on extended. I read in a post somwere that Game booster has helped with some of the frame rate issues i was having with extended so I'm giving that a try.
  14. Arenas not appearing 2.55

    I have this problem as well, and I've noticed a few other buildings missing here and there but they still have their clipping so you cant walk through them
  15. Support

    Just installed the expanded version of this mod onto warband v 1.160. Everything ran fine until i went to siege a castle. After winning and allocating the loot to my companions I got stuck on a screen that says "you shouldn't be reading this" and a list of all the defender troops I killed/wounded with a continue button at the bottom.
    Pushing continue just gives me a random sum of denars and nothing else the screen stays there and i can continue to push continue and cant do anything else. THis happens regardless of what location i siege. I found 4 old instances of people having this same problem but every time they were overlooked and never resolved as far as I could tell.

    Well i re installed both warband and the mod and it worked after that but for some reason it bogged down on my system (quad 3ghz processor 16 gigs mem 560 GTX Nvidia card I have no clue why it cant run this at 60 fps) so i moved to get the game play mod instead and now building models are missing completely some town archways arnt showing up but still cause clipping and the entire arena is missing and everyone spawns in the exact same place.

    Also has anyone noticed that the Expanded 2.55 download on nexus downloads 2.54? Looking at the names right now "Flors EXPANDED mod Pack v2.55-3489-2-55.rar" extracting contains the folder "Floris Expanded mod Pack 2.54" I suppose it coudl just be a typo but its worth mentioning.
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