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  1. TheImmortalGrenadier

    SP Musket Era [WFaS] English Civil War

    I have a bug on this mod, and i can't fix it.I tried reinstalling both game and mod and to change language to english but it still doesnt work. All cities and troops are called like in Vanilla WFAS, example "polish winged hussars" etc..i dont know why, ive seen many videos about the mod and both the troops and the cities are called in the right way. Can anyone help me pls? Thanks!
  2. TheImmortalGrenadier

    MP Musket Era Napoleonic Wars REDONE

    Hi everyone!. I've recently released a mod called: Napoleonic Wars REDONE which changes the Napoleonic Wars DLC and makes it look like a completely New mod. Mod Features: -All units in game have reskinned uniforms (Except some Rheinbund Units) -New Fire effect -New animations -New loading...
  3. TheImmortalGrenadier

    Can someone explain me why every evening warband servers are down and i cant play multiplayer?

    So it's about 2 weeks now or more that me and my regiment can't play warband multiplayer because servers arent showing up and when they show up after multiple attempts,an error pops up saying: unable to connect to server. hey its ****ing annoying. But i think i know why this is happening because...
  4. TheImmortalGrenadier

    SP Fantasy [WB] Lesser Evil: The Witcher Tales

    I have Tango in my friendlist and he's off from 42 days... I have no idea if he abandoned the project or  if he's just busy in this period
  5. TheImmortalGrenadier

    Ma c'è ancora qualche Italiano che gioca a warband?

    Una semplice domanda, sono molto curioso, perché giocando a warband è da anni che non trovo più italiani. O comunque molto raramente. Se c'è qualcuno cosi gentile da rispondermi e farmi sapere gliene sarei grato (Ah e che sia chiaro, non cerco nessun reggimento tipo 2 Piemonte o altro.) Cerco...
  6. TheImmortalGrenadier

    SP Fantasy [WB] Lesser Evil: The Witcher Tales

    OMG! Amazing! Those are a lot of features! Need to do lot of work!

    Considering you're alone this is an ambitious project! I love it!!!

    Best luck
  7. TheImmortalGrenadier

    SP Fantasy [WB] Lesser Evil: The Witcher Tales

    Ohh wow! A witcher mod for Warband! A dream coming true!!!
    Will you also add Kaer Morhen and if yes can you play as a witcher?

    Looking forward for this mod! Good luck!
  8. TheImmortalGrenadier

    MP Musket Era [WB] American Independence War.

    BNS Marko said:
    I deleted two of your posts and merged them into the first one. Since you're new to the forum - this is reffered to as multiposting. Try to avoid doing it. You can find the rest of the rules here.

    Alright sorry.
  9. TheImmortalGrenadier

    MP Musket Era [WB] American Independence War.

    Hello.  Im the  friend of Bradley. Well our idea (which is more a dream) was this: Creating a mod, similar to Persistent frontier. But without the persistent style, set in the american revolutionary war. Since PF is dead and most warband mods are we just wanted to revive the game a bit and create something original and epic... Well its very an hard thing to realize, and it  will take ages. Thats why we need someone to help us, someone very experienced at modding,or just who knows how. I know some modders but sadly they dont mod anymore and theyre not willing to help… so people any help will be most welcome! Thanks a lot! we will pay if someone will offer us to help!Well if someone have any question please feel free to ask! I will answer as soon as i can!

    Vaeya said:
    Not to be cruel but pizzaman_6 has a point: you'd be best off looking up some guides on how to mod multiplayer first. People would be more likely to be interested in getting involved if you've got some progress; there's a thread you can post ideas if you're not personally interested in modding (there have been a lot of mods that got going with 2 or even 1 person as well, at least at the start).
    Well youre right m8... but theres a small possibility we can make this mod if helped… or maybe not but we could at least try

    Dazzer said:
    Wait so is it about the revolutionary war or just Brits vs Indians?
    Aye revolutionary war... our idea was to have  4 factions:
    -Indians (factions who includes all indian tribes like: Abenaki, Mohawk, Shawnee, Odawa, Oneida, Choctaw, etc etc.)
    - British: with various regiments from that period

    I think people are asking themselves:  Why do you want to make your own mod when there are other mods who are already similar and where you could just add a server?

    2 Answers

    A: We would prefer to make our mod with our ideas.
    B: I found no one willing to host us a server on those mods.

    Another question will the mod be a normal warband mod or a napoleonic wars modification?
    We would like it to be a NW modification if possible.
  10. TheImmortalGrenadier

    LSP Medieval 2D Art The Historic Lords Project (Volume 2 Released)

    How to install this? I downloaded it but idk what to do pls
  11. TheImmortalGrenadier

    Can someone make an italian war of indipendence mod?

    Hello, so warband is full of mods for almost every historical period. But no one never made a mod about the italian wars of indipendence. So i made this thread here because i think it will get more views than  a steam group discussion. It would be very cool if someone would make a mod like that...
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