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  1. Resolved Character Creation Screen

    It also fails in exactly the same way when trying to create a new character for a campaign, not just in sandbox mode.
  2. Resolved Character Creation Screen

    I'm having exactly the same issue, also playing on GeForce Now.
  3. Economy Changes with 1.8 and onwards

    Caravans - Having caravans should also provide passive trade experience, it was in the description they did this plus it would be worth the risk.
    Caravans do this already -- they give XP to the companion running the caravan, not to the player who owns the caravan. Pretty sure this is working as intended.
  4. Console commands - delete parties on world map?

    After I upgraded to beta patch 1.5.8, the bug with bandit spawning has basically ruined my campaign. It took me a long time to notice because I never go down there, but the entire southern desert is just a sea of literally thousands of desert bandit parties, they eat every caravan or peasant...
  5. In Progress Hundreds of Sea Raiders

    Same issue but they're desert bandits in my game, and they completely fill the desert -- there must be literally (not figuratively) thousands of individual parties. Every caravan that tries to go through is eaten, the world economy is in ruins, and the Aserai cities are all starving. To try to salvage my game I've had to resort to enabling cheat mode so I can teleport to the bandits and kill them, but for some reason the cheat to KO an enemy army also levels your athletics skill...
  6. Resolved Family member with 0 in all stats?

    I'm not sure if this is a bug caused by loading a save from an older version, but in my current game my character's sister came of age and I was able to recruit her into my party ... but she had 0 in every stat and skill at level 1, making her pretty much useless (although two bonus pureblood...
  7. Disciplinarian perk removed, replaced with nothing

    With the rework of the Leadership perk tree, the Disciplinarian perk that allowed bandit troops to be upgraded to normal troops has been removed. The tooltip for upgrading bandit troops doesn't list any perk requirements. However, the troops now simply can't be upgraded to normal troops at all...
  8. XP gain for character level bugged

    It is working as intended. Character level experience uses the raw experience, it is not affected by learning rate.
    ...wait, really? That's terrible. So even if you have a learning rate of 0 in a skill, you still gain character XP for using it?

    EDIT: And yeah, 9.26 × 958 = 8871, so I can see you're right.
  9. XP gain for character level bugged

    What it says on the tin! Something is seriously wrong with XP gain for your overall character level. As you can see in this pic, I have 14612/20795 XP to advance from level 9 to 10. My smithing skill is at 134 with 2486/10415, so I need 7929 to reach 135. But as you can see in this pic, I...
  10. Aserai troop tree is a mess

    No reason to make Aserai troop tree stronger its already very strong.

    A few weaknesses give character.
    It's not about being weak or strong. It's about clear oversights. The Aserai Footman was clearly designed (looking at its equipment and skills) to be a T2 unit, but it's T3 by mistake. The Aserai Tribesman (T2) isn't even an upgrade over the Aserai Recruit (T1). Their stats are identical. It gets literally nothing but a better helmet. The Recruit is a new unit that was hastily added to the game when it was clear that mamelukes weren't available at all, but the ad-hoc "fix" to the unit tree left big problems and it needs another look.
  11. Aserai troop tree is a mess

    So with the expansion of the Aserai troop tree to properly include the mamelukes, it's now pretty much a mess. The T2 Aserai Tribesman is as feeble as any other faction's T1 units, with only small equipment upgrades over the T1 Aserai Recruit and no increase in skills. The T3 Aserai Footman is...
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