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  1. Skeepr

    EU NW Battle Open NWRP N&S Campaign

    The NWRP North and South Campaign Over the past few weeks, the NWRP N&S Campaign team have been working hard to develop a brand new campaign! This Campaign will be set in the American Civil War with players being able to lead the Union and Confederacy as President and Vice President; they will...
  2. Skeepr

    The NWRP Waterloo Event

    It is what NWRP is most famous for, and it's that time of the year! The Waterloo Event is here! Beginning on the 18th of June at 7pm BST, 1 Hour Earlier than our usual Events. The Server will be called "Napoleonic_Roleplay" with 200 slots open to everyone, there will be no reserved classes in...
  3. Skeepr

    A Whole New World

    NARC Campaign is starting in Less Than Two Weeks! With the Campaign starting soon and applications opening today, here is some information about the upcoming NARC Campaign. 1) Resource management and economic development are being introduced in this campaign. While the appearances of a map...
  4. Skeepr

    Bello Civili - Public Event Weekend

    This weekend we are doing our Events on Bello Civili, this is a mod that turns Classic Warband into the Roman Civil War! The mod can be found here: Both Events will be at 8pm BST on this Saturday and...
  5. Skeepr

    Iron Europe - Public Event Weekend

    NRP Campaign 7.0 is Over! Now that it's over what comes next? Well during the running of Campaign 7.0 we've been thinking about what we can do to keep our events fun and exciting; the conclusion we came to was that using the most popular mods on M&B is a great way to keep people enjoying our...
  6. J


    This group is dedicated to and created for all the players of the Jailbreak community. Everyone may share suggestions, ideas and opinions on various matters, introduce themselves, participate in everyday conversations and tell us about any problems in the discussions. We're a part of one of the...
  7. Skeepr

    Campaign 7.0 Update Development Post

    Campaign 7.0 is now less than 2 weeks away! We have been working tirelessly to perfect the introduction of the new gamemodes, maps and rules. We are very happy with the current state of preparation, Here are just a few of the new implementations and changes for the campaign: 1) New Siege...
  8. Skeepr

    NRP; The Campaign Strikes Back (7.0)

    The NRP Campaign is back! After a long period of intense revision of our previous campaigns we have decided to have some major shakeups for this next Campaign. First off; The Big Changes: we will be introducing 3 new Game-modes into the Campaign to stop the battles being so repetitive, these...
  9. Skeepr

    Dislike the New Class System in Bannerlord Multiplayer

    The class system that Bannerlord is using just isn't fun. It will become Meta with certain class choices just being bluntly worse than others. It sounds simple but each class should have benefits and weaknesses and they should remake this entire gold system they've introduced. Some units that are mediocre are too expensive and others that are too strong are too cheap, Archers especially are broken.

    What concerns me the most is the implications for this system in servers that try modding, like RP servers. It could kill a lot of the community that still play Warband to this day, I'm sure a PK-esque mod will still be developed but small scale servers that try to run RPs probably won't work anymore without heavy modding. Which we no nothing about because TW won't give us any information on what they are developing.
  10. Skeepr

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Giveaway

    This is gonna be mine, I have already made myself winner
  11. Skeepr

    NWRP Map Contest!

    The NWRP admin team has decided to do a map contest and anyone can join! If you can make a map; complicated or simple, big or small, we want you! Contact user "WaterPolio" on Steam, give him you map link and the RP it should be used for (Battle RP, Assassination, etc). There will be rewards...
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