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  1. AmroMohd

    Open [Mount & Blade: Warband] Multiplayer->Host a Game: "You are banned from this server" (license)

    I bought the game JUST FOR LAN ... And then they disable it.....
    I'm so disappointed :sad:
  2. AmroMohd

    How do you unban someone from a server?

    This is disgusting.
    How isn't it solved YET !
  3. AmroMohd

    Open Guys Please help me !

    It's mount and blade Warband BTW
  4. AmroMohd

    Open Guys Please help me !

    I've banned my bro from my server for fun. Turns out this is crazy and I can't unban him. How can I unban him As fast as possible And what are the server files and where can I find them PLEASE HELP ASAP
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