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  1. Vassal lord running away from me

    kalarhan said:
    hey @ahlx,

    devs will need a few things to check your game:

    1) rgl_log.txt
    2) link to download your savegame
    3) info on your computer. Which OS? Windows 10, Linux Ubuntu, etc
    4) game version (Warband and VC)
    5) any tweaks/cheats/etc you are using


    I'm on windows 8.1, warband version 1.168.

    Gonna check VC version and upload that text log.

    Also, just noticed that my party color is still the same as Northymbre (orange). but my faction color is red. So I guess the game still thinks I'm part of Northymbre.
  2. Vassal lord running away from me

    Hello, I just became king and got a problem. My vassals are running from me. When you talk to them everything is normal, but on the map they basically treat me as an enemy party. So when I get too close they run away. Or follow I think if they have more troops. I've got the reforged version...
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