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  1. Can custom servers be launched with the large patch coming up?

    it would be nice to get the NA servers and battles up to date and running like the EU servers.
  2. Can custom servers be launched with the large patch coming up?

    stability updates, and support is definitely needed. IF EU can have a consistent setup the other servers and location should be set up as well.
  3. NA Teutonic Order (NATO)

    Lets go!
  4. Plz Battle Servers/Mode

    this is a good idea me not what BS is but me make fire so Win Win
  5. Dev Blog 22/08/19

    HI, ( Callum )

    Have there been any business discussions @ Taleworlds if Mount & Blade Bannerlords will get adapted for next gen consoles? maybe 2021 - 2022?
  6. Dev Blog 18/07/19

    densplay said:
    What are you liars, you're all still what his situation is just lickert and want for it gave them Dostum in the PTA! It just looks ridiculous... :neutral:
    Densplay: you are ridiculous.... :roll: - this vernacular statement has me concerned with how often you pick up the bottle.
    before you state something you may want to reflect on what you are about to say as well as not say it incoherently.

    this may come as a shock to you, but some people do care about the well being of others whether or not they have ever meet them.

    some people have hope for humanity and a cheery outlook at life. I myself am not usually one of those, but in a real sense of conversation realize different people think and behave differently then you. your truths and beliefs no matter how impassioned or correct you think you are, are not viewed the same by the majority of the world. 

    this being said, i don't wish any ill will has come to the staff or there family, but knowing, since i am an adult and work an average adult job, knowing there is an issue, a meeting or discussions could be had and the blog could have been written and placed.

    to stay competitive, driven, and humbled - realize any employee including myself can be replaced at any time, thats why you reaffirm your education, life skills, continue learning and never stop growing as an individual so you can adapt and continue to push higher your carrier and life goals.   
  7. Dev Blog 27/06/2019

    I would assume so, but i haven't heard anything official. Obviously alot has changed since 2016, but initial chatter at that time was was they were going to be released at the same time and i have yet to here anything from taleworlds.

    I started playing M&B when it came out on PC back when i had my toshiba laptop with windows XP. going to college(still runs fyi)

    I was glad to see it come to Console since that is were if been gaming for the past 8 or so years there are clans and battles still going on even though they have never patched or updated since original version.

    It would be nice to hear more for fans who are older and now playing this game with there kids on console and still holding out hope as well. 

    -But if they are still years away from bringing it to console, I will then have to return back to the land of milk and honey.
  8. Dev Blog 27/06/2019

    Are there any updates for Bannerlords coming to Consoles?
  9. Dev Blog 29/03/19

    Thanks Terco

    Any one else think that it looks like Lewis Black
  10. Dev Blog 29/03/19

    Collum - thanks for the feedback and the continued comms.

    Is this closed beta for PC only, do we have any updates for Consoles?
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