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  1. Snoopie

    Warband Mod Compendium 1.104

    Da-V-Man said:
    This deserves a sticky.
  2. Snoopie

    New download site?

    Is it possible to see this on a new download site? without 2 parts perferebly? Filefront is great, Megaupload is great, hotfile is not so great... getting 30-40kb/s with that mirror... its quite bad =/
  3. Snoopie

    Battle Size Changer v1.1 for M&B .700 - 1.011+

    I am having the hardest time trying to get this mod to work even over 100.  I am running a fully buffed rig  (quad core, gtx 295, 8gb ddr2 ram) getting 60 fps no problem.  The battle would be going fine in 60fps then all of a sudden the game crash's.

    - are there any tweaks I have to do in a ini file?  Would SLI be having an issue with this? I used to run this on my old pc, duel core, 2gb ram, radeon 8 something with the battle sizer to atleast 180, it would lag but it would never crash.  I just tried a game with the sizer on at 97 and it crashed.

    update - I have figured the reason behind it,  I was running a mod and the mod likes to crash under windows 7... sorry :smile:

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