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  1. NicoleUK

    This game is literally unplayable!!!

    Iv had the game a week now and been trying to play but game is just so laggy and slow its awful. Lots of people have this issue so it must be something with their optimisation? I have a decent gaming laptop and can play most new games with no issues, iv updated nvidia geforce driver and am...
  2. NicoleUK

    MP Musket Era Historically accurate women & sailors mod (Works on all NW multiplayer servers)

    This is a tiny aesthetic mod for NW, I made it for myself but have decided to share. Its really immersion breaking to see topless pirates running around (especially female ones!) so I made this mod to change the appearance of the ship crew of the British & French factions. In a nutshell: -...
  3. NicoleUK

    WB Coding Gekokujo - trying to add stuff messes up the village icons - please help!

    So im modding Gekokujo and things seem to be compiling and building ok but even if i add the simplest of things i get the same error/bug in game - i get a red error message saying'failed to get mesh for town map 2' and all the icons for the villages revert back to native... is there a way to...
  4. NicoleUK

    WB Coding Races, Firearms Melee, Voice Orders

    Hey guys 😁 Im making a personal mod using 'gekokujo' as base (im making a mod about the boshin war era so this mod is the perfect base, just need to modernize it) I have a few questions (and yes iv tried looking in the forums for answers but there really isnt anything) if anyone has the...
  5. NicoleUK

    OPEN SOURCE mods for WFAS

    What mods for WFAS are open sourced? (is the english civil war one?) Thank you  :D
  6. NicoleUK

    How to mod WFAS?

    Hey everyone  :D Im trying to create my own french revolution era mod and want to use WFAS as a base... How easy is it to mod? I have a few questions as im not as familiar with WFAS as i am with native, Nap Wars and VC... > How do i remove/disable the storyline so i can have a sandbox game...
  7. NicoleUK

    WFAS resource/brf files location

    cant find the resource file with the brf files (for the clothing, weapons and stuff) for 'with fire & sword' looked everywhere in the files but cant see it, usually the resource folder is in the main directory (like in warband, napoleonic wars and viking conques) but not this one? Please help...
  8. NicoleUK

    Cant find resource/BRF files??

    I cant find the brf files for the items (armours, clothing, weapons, etc...) usually they are in the 'resources' folder in the directory but there doesnt seem to be one? tried looking in all the folders and files but no luck  :( If someone can help point me to their location id be very...
  9. NicoleUK

    cant add sounds to gekokujo module

    i have the Gekokujo mod with the source code included and iv tried adding a couple new sounds for women (iv done this in a couple of my other mods and it works fine) but when i try to build the module files with the changes it doesnt add them... I added the sounds to the sounds folder and...
  10. NicoleUK

    2 types of recruits from villages?

    How to add 2 types of recruits to be available from villages. im wanting to be able to recruit male & female troops from villages. theres a mod that does this (more women mod) that has an open source. i have the source code for the mod im wanting to implement this feature into, aswell as python.
  11. NicoleUK

    How to add village/town walkers to each faction

    How can I add male & female walkers for each faction? Khergit and sarranid have their own but the rest share the same walkers for their villages & towns, I like the idea of each faction having specific clothing for its civilians. Floris (aand some other mods) do this so its not impossible. (I...
  12. NicoleUK

    replacing scenes/maps

    Hey  :D Is there a way to replace scenes in a mod? i have the source code for the mod im working on can i just copy/paste and replace the scenes in the folder i want to change? or is it a more complicated process than that? Im not wanting to create a new scene, i have the ones i want just want...
  13. NicoleUK

    Adding new animal/mount sounds

    How do I add new animal sounds? Im wanting to add a different animal to use as a mount (im making a fantasy troop that rides beasts). I have the sounds i want to use (from another mod) but not sure how to implement them and make the animal use them (without replacing the horse sounds as i still...
  14. NicoleUK

    replacing map icons & scenes

    How do I replace town/village icons on the map? for instance, I want to add a tribal faction that lives in huts (so on the map it would be little huts instead of a medieval village), I have the huts i want to use just dont know how to add them into the game (without replacing any other ones)...
  15. NicoleUK

    Adding weapons (Sling & 1 handed spear)

    Hey guys! In the mod im making (for personal use only) im making an ancient greek themed faction and need to add some weapons, the sling and 1 handed spear (so it can be used with shields, for hoplite troops) but im unsure how to do it. There are a few mods that have both the sling and 1...
  16. NicoleUK

    Female lords/Vassals & Queen

    Im making a personal fantasy mod and want a faction to have a Queen and female lords/vassals, do I do it? Theres a couple of mods I have that have female factions (queen, vassals, troops, ect) but I only know how to make the troops female. Its a bit hard trying to make an Amazonian faction thats...
  17. NicoleUK

    Adding female victory sounds

    I have a couple of mods installed that already that have better battle sounds & victory cheers for women. Not every mod has victory cheers for females so how can i add them to the ones that dont? (can i simply copy and paste the sounds over and just copy and paste the text from the sound text...
  18. NicoleUK

    how do i add pictures to forum posts?

    this is a super simple question i know lol but been trying to work it out for past 5 min... when i try to add an image to a post i click on the 'insert image' but i cant insert an image or paste one in... please help its driving me nuts haha
  19. NicoleUK

    how to add bodies or outfits with feet???

    hey all im trying to add an some bodies i made for a mod into the game but its not working properly. Its a full body and i can get it to fit the rest of the body normally but it wont attach to the feet corrcectly... i think its because body armour and feet armour are in two different slots? I...
  20. NicoleUK

    troops wont shoot in L'Aingle ???

    Hey, so i edited one of the mercenaries and gave them antique muskets and musketoons but they wont shoot them? iv made sure they have bullets but they still wont and will only use melee weapons... Also how do i get my troops to switch to melee weapons when in close combat or when giving the...