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  1. domipoppe

    [PHP API] Warband Server Status + Information

    Hey, if you are interested in: I did release my API to the public so it can be used from everyone - with which you can gather information from Mount & Blade Warband servers and others. You call it like this...
  2. domipoppe

    [PHP API] Warband Server Status + Information

    Hey, if you are interested in: I did release my API to the public so it can be used from everyone - with which you can gather information from Mount & Blade Warband servers and others. You call it like this...
  3. domipoppe

    [Server Hosting] - Top Quality, Prepaid, Scripts, Instant-Set Up!

    Our Testserver: We support & help you with ALL modules! We do offer custom scripting for this game! Automated Mod-Installer & WSE Support Persistent World & Kingdoms Scripts for free! Custom built control panel ... and much more!!!
  4. domipoppe

    [Server Hosting] - Top Quality, Prepaid, Scripts, Instant-Set Up!

    What is Infravider? Infravider is a business offering several services such as gameservers, web hosting, domains, and Teamspeak. We make high quality affordable. Your services are set-up within minutes and ready-to-go! Our custom made control panel allows you certain features which no one else...
  5. domipoppe

    [Hosting] Infravider - We got your back!

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask us here on the forums or through E-Mail: [email protected] Steam: Website:
  6. domipoppe

    [Free/OSP/Scripts] Free OSP Save Scripts!,376788.0.html
  7. domipoppe

    LSP Kit MP Persistent Warband (Save System) - Made for PW (can be used for all mods)

    Persistent Warband (Save System) What is this? This is a script system which stores & saves data with the help of Apache. Data is stored in .json files and read out of it. A PHP controller does manage all. You do not need MySQL or anything. Just Apache. It can be used for all modules. Currently...
  8. domipoppe

    Money Bank Dupe Bug Fix [Free + Source]

    People are able to dupe money on all script-sets at banks while dropping a money bag and using the bank the same time. The issue on that is that they use macro software so that stuff happens in milliseconds and it's impossible to prevent. So I decided to release my own patch. It basically...
  9. domipoppe

    [Release] [Tool] [MB & WB] M&B Mod Updater Suite (now Version 2.0!)

    M&B Mod Updater Suite Current Version: 2.0 What is this? The M&B Mod Updater Suite opens a new generation of modding and mod managment. Due to limitations of the Steam Workshop and equal stuff I decided to do this. This tool makes you undependent (if you are able to host the files on your...
  10. domipoppe

    "Persistent" Persistent World (PPW - Script System) | Free & Released!

    PPW - Server Side Script System Donate What is this? Why is it free? Can I use this scripts on your provided game servers? Donations? Why and how? How can I get it? Any tutorials? Why no source codes? Can I host the backend myself? Is...
  11. domipoppe

    [MP/SP] What mod should I make?

    Hello, I hope the moderators can leave this topic here cause I think it's the best place, this thread would be converted into the WIP thread of the module then. I tho about making a mod for Warband which people will enjoy till Bannerlord. I'm kinda developing Blood & Faith at the moment...
  12. domipoppe

    [Server/Service Provider] King Solutions

    What is King Solutions? King Solutions is offering several high-quality Services at competitive prices! You can order cheap servers right now! The servers are set up in less than one minute! Hardware & Performance It is really important to us to provide the best quality we can. We are always...
  13. domipoppe

    [Mod] Persistent Overhaul [WIP]

    This is a new project, which keeps Persistent World in it's sense but just makes some additions and changes which in my opinion need to be made. I did this due to I don't feel like I'm going to finish Blood & Faith (whatever reason, lost interest). The module won't be OSP due to several people...
  14. domipoppe

    Map Copyright?

    Is map copyrights/map permissions valid reasons to forbid the usage for servers? The reason I ask, is, Dekkers and Avenger forbid the usage of their maps for other PW servers. One customer, is using one of those maps, even tho he is forbidden to use it. If he isn't removing it, is it my job as...
  15. domipoppe

    MP Medieval [WB] A World of War & Blood [RTS based Warband Module!]

    A World of War & Blood (AWOWB) is a multiplayer RTS (real time strategy) Mount & Blade Warband modification. The modification is split into two parts: Strategy (in your web browser) & Fight (in your actual game). At the start, you will choose a culture and then you will spawn on a map with one...
  16. domipoppe

    [Should I do?] [New Mod Idea] RTS Based Warband (kinda MP campaign)

    ??A World of War & Blood?? Hey guys, I had the idea of a new module and I want to hear your opinion about it and your honest opinion - if it's even worth modding it. I wanted to create a Stronghold Kingdoms like Warband module. Basically, this is how it works: The game is based on your web...
  17. domipoppe

    [Released] Persistent World Save System (New & Inovative)

    What is this? The Persistent World Save System is a whole new script set for Persistent World. The special thing about it is: You do not need Apache, MySQL or anything like this! You only need WSE support. All data get's saved in the server's directory & read out of there. This improves speed...
  18. domipoppe

    [Search] "Barebone" Native Module System

    Hey, is there any Native Module System out which has "everything" except game mechanics removed? Cause the Native MS does have so much unnecessary triggers etc. if you just want to script for one MP mode.
  19. domipoppe

    Agent's Breath

    Hey, I was asking myself if there is any module with that feature: You see the agents breath, when it snows or if it's cold. Like you see the breath/fog coming out of their mouth. If not, I was asking myself how I would do that. I was thinking about making a particle and spawning it on the...
  20. domipoppe

    Resource Regrow Bug?

    Hey, I did copy & paste the apple tree scene object and I did basically change the fruit on it so it's a cherry tree. I did place fishing schools on the map with a maximum of fishes and a maximum depth. So when I start the server the fishing schools work, but as soon as all fishes are taken...