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  1. theDonut

    Top Ten WNL8 Team Thread

    Here goes your top ten lists for this WNL8. Feel free to post yours. Disclaimer! This is all my opinion, I don't intend it to pass it as facts whatsoever, just giving my opinion, I'll most likely be wrong in some things, it's just for fun. Government has us all locked up in Spain thanks to...
  2. theDonut

    Poland vs NA discussion thread

    please discuss your thoughts on the semifinal PL vs NA pd congrats to burgers for their victory
  3. theDonut

    Are there any plans for a new 2h dueling tournament?

    Are there any plans for a new 2h dueling tournament? There's not that much time left now and it would be nice to keep the tournaments rolling.
  4. theDonut

    OG Warband Players (2010 - 2014) Will we be back for bannerlord?

    Are OG players (2010 to 2014) interested in Bannerlord anymore? Community so different now, boring forum and tournaments with no substance whatsoever.  :ohdear:
  5. theDonut


    I need serious help I haven't been able to play in half a year because of this bug, Ive done countless reinstallings, deleted appdata folder, rgl_config files, updated drivers, to no avail!!! I really don't know what to do. Its kinda lame that there is no solution known for this. I play through...
  6. theDonut

    Any full arm players?

    So I was curious what people in this game use generally to aim at the opponent, although things like blocking and such count as well. Back when I was learning the game I got used to use my arm for everything, and years later it feels like my aim suffered from not using my wrist. I recently...
  7. theDonut

    Please help, can't change settings without CTD

    Hey, been havin this problem for like a month, tried to do several reinstallings, and removals of rgl_config files to no avail. I don't know what else to do. The game crashes whenever I change a graphical setting (typical "Warband stopped working..."msg) whether it's in the startup launcher or...
  8. theDonut

    Warband' top player skill level in comparison to Dota2/CS/lol?

    What are your thoughts of the amount of skill a top player of Warband has, say Peter, in comparison to a top player in Dota or CS, (puppey, n0tail, olofmeister) How would you say Peter's skill compares to those players, if they were to play the same game? I hope you understand what I mean...
  9. theDonut

    Reconsider Roster Rule Regarding transfers

    Hey, I wanted to ask you to reconsider this rule or explain why you wouldn't change it: (1) Any player who has not yet played in an WNL match may join a team at any time. However, once a player has played for one team they may not play for another team during this WNL. This is very drastic. I...