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  1. Lav

    Warband Refined & Enhanced Compiler Kit (v1.0.0 @ Mar 01, 2015)

    Are some files not deleted that you believe should be? Or are some extra files created? Because the only python files WRECK creates are ID_*.py. It is possible to tell WRECK to generate those files with non-standard names by changing write_id_files config variable in but I reckon...
  2. Lav

    Developer Blog

    Not much of it yet,  I currently spend more time on development tools than on the development itself, though that's going to change a bit later.  :)
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    Warband Refined & Enhanced Compiler Kit (v1.0.0 @ Mar 01, 2015)

    First, you're using a totally ancient version of W.R.E.C.K. It's not even called W.R.E.C.K. yet. :-) There were a number of bugs fixed since 0.5.3, so you really should upgrade. Though your current issue has nothing to do with that. Your problem is that while there might be "harkon_sword" in...
  4. Lav

    Developer Blog

    Okay, I'm back with a vengeance. :-) Awfully sorry for long absence. I'll be dealing with the accumulated backlog until the end of week.
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    Warband Refined & Enhanced Compiler Kit (v1.0.0 @ Mar 01, 2015)

    Just a small notification that I'm back with a vengeance. :-) Awfully sorry for long absence. I'll be working on bugs in WRECK soon, need to deal with the backlog first. Also expect WRECK 2.0 in some not so distant future (I'm already working on it and it's ~50% done). It's a major re-write...
  6. Lav

    How to change Presentation screens?

    When player meets a party on the global map, game usually executes "script_game_event_party_encounter". This script is where it's determined what menu/presentation to show.
  7. Lav

    Skiping the Warband intro

    When player clicks on a "Start game" option, the following process happens: 1. Warband proceeds to menu item "start_game_0". This behavior is hardcoded. 2. Module code asks player a number of questions to generate player's character biography and starting stats. 3. Module code opens character...
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    Text Files

    Morgh's editor should be able to do that. Get it from the Tools sub-forum.
  9. Lav

    What are the sound triggers in M&B warband?

    Technically, the is the file containing all sound "triggers" - most entries there are referenced by the engine and used in appropriate situations. Apart from this, you can use some triggers or workarounds to play certain sounds in certain situations, but your freedom here is...
  10. Lav

    How does a units level affect its stats?

    Level 1 troop will always have stats as defined in the module file. Higher level troops may have increased stats if defined values are too low. Define a few troops with zero stats and varying levels to see the progression that the game uses. Oh, and hps. Higher level means more hit points.
  11. Lav

    I need help! How can i add custom sound to M&B Warband?

    Note that Warband has 4 different throwing sounds, for thrown axes, javelins, knives and stones. Game will identify what sound to play depending on item's itcf_throw_* flag. So, for example, you can remove all darts/javelins and use this subcategory for fireballs, which will allow you to...
  12. Lav

    How to add new sounds to game ?

    You will need module system to add sounds properly. Doing this via txt-editing is a bit tricky and pretty limited in scope.
  13. Lav

    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    In my experience, weapons which are marked with itp_secondary only, cannot be equipped at all. No idea why, but it seems the choice is between declaring item as itp_primary or itp_primary|itp_secondary. I also searched long and hard for effects of these flags, but everything I found was...
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    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Essentially, copy languages/en/ui.csv file to Modules/<YourModule>/languages/en/ui.csv, find ui_upgrade_to_value parameter and change it however you wish (retaining %-markers so the engine will know where to put troop name and upgrade price).
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    Warband Refined & Enhanced Compiler Kit (v1.0.0 @ Mar 01, 2015)

    Image doesn't load for some reason, can you re-upload it?
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    Warband Refined & Enhanced Compiler Kit (v1.0.0 @ Mar 01, 2015)

    Detection of situations when (call_script) is used with less parameters than required by script is already in the plans. However I'm going to auto-fill the (call_script) operation with zeroes, replicating engine's behavior when using regular operations (technically, all parameters for all...
  17. Lav

    Bug Reports and Player Feedback

    It's already fixed, though I don't remember if I fixed it for the latest main version, or only for Developer Snapshot. Trade goods are a bit messed up in DEV, yes. I have found at least one serious bug already in related code, and fully expect to find a couple more.
  18. Lav

    Discussion for Native Expansion Developer Snapshot

    You're right, it's incompatible. Not "fully" incompatible, but it will require a different scenes.txt file. Noted. Thanks! Noted.
  19. Lav

    Warband Refined & Enhanced Compiler Kit (v1.0.0 @ Mar 01, 2015)

    Yes, W.R.E.C.K. is more strict with the code than vanilla compiler (and will be even more strict as new versions roll out). I can't see the screenshot for some reason, but you should post to Q&A thread as it seems your issue is related to your code, not to W.R.E.C.K.
  20. Lav

    Warband Refined & Enhanced Compiler Kit (v1.0.0 @ Mar 01, 2015)

    Nothing. WRECK will ignore case for quoted identifiers, same as vanilla compiler, but it currently expects lowercase identifiers when using advanced syntax.