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  1. corey43

    Nations Cup 2014 - Team UK

    Team United Kingdom I'll be the captain this time around, so if any other team wants a training, and in the future, an official match, contact me here or on steam. (Steam ID: watto141) If you fancy playing, post here or send me a pm and we'll put you through some training matches to see if...
  2. corey43

    The Shieldings: Sister Clan to the Einhärjar Clan

    The Shieldings: Sister Clan to the Einhärjar Clan (Einhärjar International) Vestu heil Nord Kinsmen! You may not be a Nord by blood, but you are surely a Nord at heart, Come, join the Shieldings and brandish your sword and shield in the name of Odin and Thor! As Nords at heart, we unite under...
  3. corey43

    Download Problem

    Today I tried to download a game demo, but My computer wouldn't let me download. It said '' Windows cannot access the specified deice, path or field. You may not have appropriate permissions to access the items. '' I don't understand why as everything worked fine last time ( Last week) and I...
  4. corey43

    Which is Your Favorite?

    Title says it. Vote which show you think is best or just don't vote if don't watch any of the shows.  :) South Park for me. :wink:
  5. corey43

    FarCry- The Movie

    Has anyone seen this movie? And if so what do you think of it? I Never even knew that they made a movie, just saw it in blockbusters today. Front cover