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  1. Idea for new mounts

    *Cough* Cold ones* Cough* Carnosaur*!  :wink:
  2. Warhammer Mod

    I know this probably isnt in the area of this mod but at least 1 lizardman? :mrgreen: I mean come on they would be an awsome little thing kinda like the Drunken Fins!
  3. Warhammer Mod

    I being a new person to playing warhammer fantasy but a long time book reader ask for only on thing A SAURUS OLD BLOOD ON A TYRANOSAUR OR A COLD ONE that is all
  4. Evolution or Creation?

    I completely agree with Dalagga But maybe god just sped evolution up??? Lol hilarious AND NO ONE HAS MENTIONED THAT GOD HAS POWER TO DO MIRACLES SO NOAH THEORY SCREWD
  5. RPGmod Official thread

    Lol darn still.... :cry: It would still be quite awsome and i can still dream about balefireing marnid for shooting me right???  :D
  6. My new mod

      ___ {o,o} |)__) -"-"- O RLY? Oh now i get it XD i just opened the file didn't edit it But what do i do after that?
  7. My new mod

    the wierid black box just shuts down and it doesnt work  :cry:
  8. My new mod

    :?: already sounds too compilicated to me  :shock: :roll: not to mention i cant model for **** and i have to get cadin sor and aiel spears with those items i could make a half bad mod then work my way up  :D
  9. My new mod

    thanks but why pretend it doesnt exist :?: :shock: now i have to uninstal it and destroy it :P :Edit No i only dont understand what winter means by make it go to the path variables i go to the menu but i dont know where to send it.
  10. My new mod

    Hey guys i was just wondering should i use Effidens unofficial or python cuz i tryed the instructions for python and i dont get what to do after instaling :|
  11. Screenshots from the new version (Last update: October 17th)

    Lol now the aiel will look great in my mod  :!: hanging spears and and a bow wait i didnt see any throwing weapons in those pictures  :!:
  12. RPGmod Official thread

    Yoshi add balefire  :D
  13. My new mod

    i think its mentioned in the 10/11 or 6 book dont know... But its one of the islands off past the Sea Folk islands. i still think tinkers are funny and the people of Trelmaking are stupid :mrgreen: And be sure to see narg in my game
  14. The Morning and Night thread

    good night NOT 8:02
  15. My new mod

    lol tegan for that id have to make up the material because the books gives almost no information about those places XD
  16. My new mod

    **** trolloc wars is catching up :evil: lol j/k
  17. My new mod

    i know but they will still fight therefore breaking the way of the leaf :cry:
  18. "Banned on the Run"

    Not the song im talking about Jaghati proposing to a evil cat with evil teeth the song kicks ass
  19. My new mod

    thanks grocat i was thinking of maybe asking highelfwarrior if i could borrow the elf robes and making them brown with black viels INSTANT CADINSOR also Rand XD so funny to make elayne and rand If someone votes for any trolloc things im gonna add Narg as a secret hero oh yeah can you make...