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  1. My new mod

    Soooooo tell me cuz im gonna read all the tutorials and start experimenting this weekend :mrgreen:
  2. how do you?

    download version .750 and keep it seperately from .731 cuz i wanna play all my mods but i also want cool faces :mrgreen:
  3. help

    ok ive searched and searched and searched how the heck do you build the keeps in palisade mod?
  4. acid reflux

    do you have it, have you had a fundo or are you a moron that doesnt know what it is? :?:
  5. Hilarious thing happened

    k i was playing crusades mod and i went to the pilgrim hostel and im like OMG its a flying castle... So i ride up on my camel at full speed and i reach the top and jump of at like 1000000000 billion miles an hour and i land and my camel litteraly turned to jelly right under me :D :D :D :lol:
  6. Do you know what FLCL is?

    WOOT FLCL!! :twisted:
  7. Fooly Cooly mod

    I am not a modder this is a nice idea i wish someone could do. Weapons. Guitars and airsoft guns Armor Modern clothing Horses VESPAS!!!!!

    I HAVE FINALLY BOUGHT A LICENSE. the story is that im living in my grandmas cuz my house is being remodeled and we dont have a pc we have a mac my grandma has a pc so im gonna get a lap top so i can still play this so then i bought it and now im happy.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. Wait..

    So how do you get a mod to work cuz all i have is the normal game? :shock:
  10. Mac OS X

    Please tell me that this will be on Mac OS X. Its in the beta stage so i was wondering.... :D :) :( :shock: