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  1. Kotyonok

    Ping Check Utterly Broken

    On the server browser my ping shows from around 90 (rarely) to over 1300 (yes really) and I was wondering if anyone else had this problem. It's very frustrating and it makes picking a server awkward and it turns into a trial and error process. Normally the ping is around 50-150 above. I hope...
  2. Kotyonok

    Opening the Game Without Steam

    I've been searching my butt off, but is there a way to open warband without steam? Nmvd
  3. Kotyonok

    Juggernaut Mode

    Instead of completely derailing another topic I figured I'd throw one up here. Juggernaut game mode. You could have the juggernaut spawn with full armor on a charger with a buffed up character and the characters are tasked with killing him. They are restricted to a set amount of gold and spawn...
  4. Kotyonok

    A Call to All Armorers!

    Alright, I'm currently at the end of my own resources and I need to explain where I started and how I got here. To start, no armor making experience (aside from a few books I read when I was 13/14 about Japanese armor) Girlfriend shows me this last week...
  5. Kotyonok

    1680x1050 Warband Wallpapers?

    I've been looking all over but I can't find any wallpapers...and I wants them so bad x,x
  6. Kotyonok

    Clan/Recruiting Childboard

    I just figured it'd be a valid poll to have. I just think the boards are getting crowded between clan posts, multiplayer event posts, multiplayer questions, singleplayer questions, singleplayer discussions, etcetc...
  7. Kotyonok


    Is there anyone, or any group, that would be willing to teach me the finer points in multiplayer. As fun as jumping on a server and having my face bashed into a wall is, I'd like some serious training time. I don't want to join a clan because I'm planning on bringing my old one back to life in...
  8. Kotyonok

    Stuck in Lair

    I'm doing a "Kill the Bandit Lair" quest in Khergit territory and I've killed every single bandit, but it didn't end... anyone else had this problem? I've done some searching online and come up with nothing.
  9. Kotyonok

    Positive post... wtf?

    I don't know how many there are of this, but, to the Talesworld dev team, I love you. Warband is fantastic and is an improvement well worth your hard work. Me and my friends have bought a copy and I can't get enough. I'm a bit tired of the negative posts... the constant negative posts that I...
  10. Kotyonok

    Offering Services

    I wasn't totally sure where to put this post to be honest, if I'm in the wrong place tell me. I'm a fairly creative and consistent writer and would love to help a team with their dialog or miscellaneous excerpts. I'm rather new to the M&B community, but I would love to contribute.
  11. Kotyonok

    Trouble Finding Manual

    I've searched quite a bit on the forums for a manual download, but all I could find was this out of date link:,45681.0.html I've done quite a few different forum searches in different places and haven't been able to find a link anywhere. I'm really...