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  1. Rafalongo

    Antiquity Dark Ages FalloftheRome

    I love that period in history x2 I hope you continue its development when they release the editing tools to put the corresponding map and more items
  2. Rafalongo

    This game should be on TW's Radar. Inspiration for dynasties system

    what exactly? the video doesn't show too much applicable to the bannerlord
  3. Rafalongo

    Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine

    *0* Does any of the above encompass dialogues and interactions? that's the big missing ...
  4. Rafalongo

    We Want Modding Tools, TW

  5. Rafalongo

    BL Other Boring legal questions

    don't worry, taleworlds doesn't do that, they're good boys.
  6. Rafalongo


    those types of mods are the most anticipated. Unfortunately, until the editing tools are released, they will not appear. Although a lot of work could be carried out, but I have not read that more mods are being made than those of LOTR or GoT.
  7. Rafalongo

    Are there any mods that remove female lords?
  8. Rafalongo

    Looter equipment and mechanics

    No, looters are like scavengers, they have no fighting skills, they are opportunists.
  9. Rafalongo

    New faces (1.3.0-hotfix3?)

    when they release the editor i will make a cartoon face mod for troops and random face villagers. I liked them much more than now, which are all the same.
  10. Rafalongo

    [Tool] TpacTool - An unofficial asset explorer

    great job! until objects cannot be imported we are not going to see good mods. I hope they don't take long to release the tools editor. te red one is from warband, they are quite similar in size, change the position of the arms, and the bannerlord models are lying down
  11. Rafalongo

    A month already

    I recently played multiplayer for the first time, I found it enormously fun and addicting but the ping was so high that I did not play again. Hopefully they will implement a South American server soon, especially having the singleplayer so incomplete
  12. Rafalongo

    How to get sword sister?

    No, I haven't seen them, but every day I discover new troops. I recently discovered half-naked Africans in leopard skins
  13. Rafalongo

    How to get sword sister?

    there are a LOOOOOOOT of troops that are not recruitable, all the special ones of the mercenaries clans for example. You can only recruit them from prisoners or rescue them when they are prisoners
  14. Rafalongo

    Freelancer - Serving as a common soldier in an army [Suggestion]

    xDDDDDDDDD Yeah, I want freelance too, I don't think it will take long for a mod
  15. Rafalongo

    Everything Has A Price - Questions

  16. Rafalongo

    What is the point of dungeons?

    I keep prisoner there to recruit them, it is the only way I can continue to obtain troops in my kingdom of a single city ...
  17. Rafalongo

    Sieges kinda suck

    That was even worse a few days ago, they weren't even fighting, now they at least react. As you can see, it is improving. Early access.
  18. Rafalongo

    TaleWorlds needs to get permission and incorporate this mod into the base game

    "postmortempossesion" that mod does raise the fun of the game to incredible levels.
  19. Rafalongo

    Thank you Yaga for the trees

    and what about the tree warriors