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  1. Nevino

    [WNL8] Division A - Grand Finals | Deadline: 29/03

    Good games everyone! Had fun coming back for one last stream, great match!
  2. Nevino

    [NASS] Free Agents

    Name: Nevino Nationality: NA Preferred Class: Cavalry Past Teams: a lot. Taleworlds: Nevino Steam: nevino1
  3. Nevino

    [NASL2] Week Two Fixtures

    Score should be 9-5
  4. Nevino

    [NASL] North American Scramble League S2 Signups (Reserves Only)

    Then there was also WFL which some people also consider a scramble league.
  5. Nevino

    [NASL] North American Scramble League S2 Signups (Reserves Only)

    Name: Nevino Steam: ID: 715070 Main Class: Cav/archer Do you want to be a captain? (Yes/No) If you absolutely need me to be.
  6. Nevino

    [WNL7] Division A - Week 5 | Deadline: 07/04

    Was a fun match to watch! Been awhile since I have been in Warband and it was nice to see this level of play from both sides!
  7. Nevino

    [NC2018] League Stage Week 1

    ggs finland
  8. Nevino

    [NC2018] Questions & Suggestions

    So does the NA team have to play all matches on EU servers? Or is their some sort of home away system in place again.
  9. Nevino

    How famous is the above player?

    Man who shoot arrow.
  10. Nevino

    Ra - The Following

    I miss this.
  11. Nevino

    [BCM] Main Event Bracket & Fixtures

    ** 11-9 Blackened
  12. Nevino

    [BCM] Group Stage Results - BLUE DIVISION

    Group: Blue Round: 5 Date & Time: 8/29/18 20:00 BST Server: DE_4 Teams involved: Malta vs HV Result: Malta 12-2 HV Screenshots: [/spoiler] Approved spectator list: Beano TheCarboardBox BenJMinotaur Kontrush
  13. Nevino

    [BCM] Group Stage Results - BLUE DIVISION

    GARDAS 11-7 TCB
  14. Nevino

    [BCM] Group Stage Results - RED DIVISION

    PE 12-1 Unity Academy
  15. Nevino

    [BCM] Free Agent Listing

  16. Nevino

    [BCM] Teams Looking for Players

    »TEAMS LOOKING FOR PLAYERS« If your team is looking for some players for BCM, please use the template and post below: Team Name: Number of Players needed: What Classes Team is looking for: Language Requirement: Additional Requirements(Location experience, times, etc..): Thanks Lagstro for...
  17. Nevino

    Announcing BladeCast Masters Tournament - In partnership with TaleWorlds

    Any team not invited will have to go through qualifiers, so an NA team can sign up, if they want, without risking of "taking a spot" of an EU team. The only way they'd take a spot is if they somehow beat the EU teams and qualify.
  18. Nevino

    [BCM] Free Agent Listing

    Updated, I will update the list when I can. Please post here, or msg me directly, if you find a team. I don't want to risk missing the roster transaction if at all possible :D.