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  1. Kragen

    [NC2019] Final Nation's Cup Announcement & Signups

    Name: Kragen Nation: Maltese Past Teams: FR, ATOM, KoS, IG, Tranquistae, Malta, GER Steam: <- Preferred Class: Mounted Archer
  2. Kragen

    [WIS] Free Agents

    Name: Kragen Nationality: Germuch Preferred Class: Anything rly Past Teams: Kingdom of Swadia Taleworlds: <- Steam: <- Won't be too active just wanna play for fun when i have the tim.
  3. Kragen

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    Needs more  DOWNLOAD NOW
  4. Kragen

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    Suggestion: Add the Download Link to OP
  5. Kragen

    [WNL7] Betting Corner | WINNER: REY

    The Cacahuète Brotherhood0-12Wardens of Light
  6. Kragen

    [WNL7] Betting Corner | WINNER: REY

    Copied the text: Misfits12-0 No Opponent Luso Hogs2-12Cheshire Cats ClanImmortal Brotherhood12-3Army of the NightWardens of Light4-11Napoleonic Native NoobsBelediye Şövalyeleri11-5The Cacahuète BrotherhoodVellhoner4-12LebrontourageHandwerkszunft5-11ValgardaDoner7-8House Dayne of...
  7. Kragen

    [WNL7] Betting Corner | WINNER: REY

    Army of the Night10-4Handwerkszunft Lebrontourage10-3Misfits DONER5-10Belediye Şövalyeleri The Cacahuète Brotherhood2-12Fallen Pride ImB6-6House Dayne of Starfall Artificial Intelligence12-2Wardens of Light Valgarda0-12Luso Hogs The Ascended Senate5-9NNN CCC7-6Vellhoner The Dauntless Bunch4-10BE...
  8. Kragen

    [WNL7] Free Agents

    Name: Kragen Past Teams:  Hier könnte ihre Werbung stehen! Taleworlds: <- Steam: <- Preferred Class: Best Archer
  9. Kragen

    Nations Cup 2018

    Viel Erfolg!
  10. Kragen

    [Nation's Cup 2018] Announcement & Signups

    How about France and NL play on their own and Belgium+Luxembourg form an alliance instead ?
  11. Kragen

    [Nation's Cup 2018] Announcement & Signups

    How about a single team 8v8 NC for the competitive nations and a 5v5 nc for those who are unable to participate in the real NC like countrys who can‘t field a 8v8 team and players that didn‘t make it into the main team of their nation ?
  12. Kragen

    [Nation's Cup 2018] Announcement & Signups

    admin team has to clarify: is it supposed to be a FUN or COMPETITIVE Tournament
  13. Kragen

    An apology.

    All the other cheaters are still active in the community aswell so just dw and wait a few more weeks^^
  14. Kragen

    [Nation's Cup 2018] Announcement & Signups

    Can‘t NL nor BE form their own team ?
  15. Kragen

    [BCM] Congratulations & Thank You's. It's a wrap!

    gg ty for hosting :party:
  16. Kragen

    nc 5v5 pls (i will accept 6v6)

    8v8 and NO ALLIANCES stoopid nations either form a team on their own or gtfo.
  17. Kragen

    IG_Battlegrounds is up again!

    Why is my ping so high on IG ? i got 26 on all other european servers but IG is 45-80  :?
  18. Kragen

    [WSC2] GRAND FINALS & BRONZE MATCH - Deadline 9th of September

    If both teams don‘t have 8 just play 5v5 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  19. Kragen

    (Possible) Archers Tournament 1х1, ft7

    :party: :party: :party: