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  1. Bannerlord uninstalled by itself

    I downloaded bannerlord yesterday, put 14 hrs into the game, shut down my computer load it up today only to see bannerlord has decided to uninstall itself from my pc. Is this a steam bug or something to do with the game? Has anyone else had this issue?
  2. Enable cheats?

    Hey i have a vanilla save im playing rn but i want to do another with cheats enabled so i can check out the new features of bannerlord and get better used to the mechanics but i dont know how to enable them, if someone can tell me it be much appreciated
  3. Ayy Devs Feedback pls

    Early Access is a month away and we've gotten no dev blogs explaining more gameplay mechanics, no seeg in beta yet either:(
  4. Dev Blog

    Hey noticed there hasn't been a dev blog in a while, and the devs said they talk about the early access and more in depth of some of the game mechanics, I know they are working hard to get it ready as its two months away I was wondering if they would release something soon.