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  1. Elwaen

    Bannerlord mod stuff

    When is it planned to provide modders tools and files to start the modding and adaptation of warband mods? I have personally worked on the creation of a multi warband mod not yet release and I would like to release it on Bannerlord quickly.
  2. Elwaen

    Elwaen's Video Thread

  3. Elwaen

    [Serveur Semi-RP] Age Of Feudal

    Bien le bonjour amies et amis aventuriers, Je viens vous présenter le serveur Age Of Feudal qui sortira ce vendredi 16 février à 20h. Le serveur fonctionne avec un mod qui lui est propre et que j'ai moi même codé. Ce mod reprend le mod Feudal World, qui lui même reprend le mod Persistant World...
  4. Elwaen

    Add Picture Strings

    Hi, I would like to know if it was possible to add a code to load an image in the file strings. I would like that when the player opens a book that the text that appears contains an image.