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  1. Gwrfelling

    Becoming a vassal as a female character

    I have all the Steam achievements, except for four multiplayer-related ones. The female ones were fun to add. I think that the next time I play as a female, I will attempt to play her as a more traditional lady: less of the actual fighting on her part and more of the directing/commanding. I...
  2. Gwrfelling

    Siege ?

    Yes, Reindi Castle is notorious for the sticky ladder. As for other tactics, send your heavy infantry and/or cavalry forward to gain access to the walls and order your archers/horse archers to a point near enough to the wall to make their fire effective--and have them spread out (to what degree...
  3. Gwrfelling

    Joining a siege

    Yes, you can initiate a siege on your own. And yes, there will be options presented when you get to the enemy castle. As for losing renown, I have not noticed that to be the case.
  4. Gwrfelling

    Becoming a vassal as a female character

    I do not know all the specifics, but I thought that lords might leave the realm if they have no place to go. For example, they have joined and left all the factions, including the player's faction, or they have run out of kingdoms to serve and the player has refused their service. I am unsure...
  5. Gwrfelling

    Becoming a vassal as a female character

    Interesting. I have not gone this route as a female vassal. I have only helped a claimant pursue a throne, and in doing so, assigned myself fiefs. :)
  6. Gwrfelling

    What to spend my money on?

    Champion steeds for all your heroes. :)
  7. Gwrfelling

    Do you guys raid villages?

    I understand this impulse. :) Now, only a number of the multiplayer achievements elude me. I attack caravans only when playing as a Khergit.
  8. Gwrfelling

    Post here if you are looking for a regiment or members.

    I am interested in regimental activities. My availability would be on Steam during North American evenings.
  9. Gwrfelling

    Cant start black mace quest

    I have attempted The Black Mace but seem to have encountered an issue in which the Polish kingdom will not be replaced by my rebellion. The original kingdom has no lands, and their nobles are nowhere to be found. Our rebellion consists of my character and Hetman Jan Sobieski, in addition to...
  10. Gwrfelling

    What is Your Favorite Ship?

    I picked the Busse, but in reality, I'll take any ship larger than a Karvi when I can snag it. Of course, once you get to Britain, you don't necessarily need a ship to get in on all the action. :)
  11. Gwrfelling

    Favorite Faction in Warband

    Until I decide to join a faction, I try not to recruit any troops and simply rescue my force from criminal types. In order to maintain high-speed travel, I try to focus on freeing Manhunters and Caravan Guards, the former allowing me to take a lot of prisoners. I usually end up creating a hybrid...
  12. Gwrfelling

    Throwing Weapons?

    Exactly. I tend to fit my characters with a one-handed weapon, a shield, a lance, and some sort of throwing weapon. I often do not even use the throwing weapon, except during those odd sieges when the AI troops cannot seem to manage killing the final enemy soldier who is somehow on a roof...
  13. Gwrfelling

    Do you guys raid villages?

    In general, I do not raid. The potential long-term negative effects outweigh the momentary financial boost, so I find. That being said, I will occasionally "roleplay" a bandit or murderously fanatical monk and butcher villagers to my heart's content. Lol.
  14. Gwrfelling

    How high should your party limit be when creating your own kingdom?

    This is solid advice. Personally, I spend time developing relationships with specific lords (and their corresponding family members) whom I like, especially by capturing and releasing them, and then recruiting them later when I form my own kingdom or help a claimant develop his or her...
  15. Gwrfelling

    Best Defendable Castle or Town?

    Oh, man. This issue. Sometimes, a slow trickle of troops can edge past the blockage. Truly a justification for saving prior to the attack.
  16. Gwrfelling

    Joining a siege

    Welcome to the greatest PC game of all time! o7 Something also to keep in mind is that when you are attempting to answer the marshal's call to arms while the siege battle is in process, you can visit the commander before joining the next assault.