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  1. Herishey

    Herishey's NW Maps

    I put this on FSE ages ago but I guess it's worth putting here too for people; Before I quit the game fully I decided I'd put any of my maps that I was able to still find on here for anyone to use, just give me credits on the thread for the server or post here saying that you are using them, or...
  2. Herishey

    Herishey's Thread Templates

    Herishey's Thread Templates I made this on FSE originally for NW regiments/events, but the code should transfer across here fine if you wish to use any; Since I often get asked if people can use my thread templates I have decided to make this thread so you can all access them easily and so...
  3. Herishey

    Herishey's Video Thread

    Just a place where I'll post my native related videos, I'll refrain from posting any others here. YouTube Twitch
  4. Herishey

    Napoleonic Native Noobs [NNN]

    Napoleonic Native Noobs [NNN] is a clan designed for some Napoleonic Wars DLC players to try and get more into native on Mount & Blade: Warband, by playing scrims and maybe even a few tournaments together, at the moment the leaders of the clan is myself (Herishey) and Tardet, though the original...
  5. Herishey

    Lord Ironhawk and Herishey's Naval Battle [One off]

    This event will be open to both EU and NA players. Lord Ironhawk and myself will be hosting a naval battle this Sunday at 4pm UK time (server provided by Warlance servers xoxoxo). Crixus has provided us with a great map that we will be using for this so props go to him (memes). This event will...
  6. Herishey

    PW Video's

    I noticed there was a thread for screenshots but was unsure if you can/should post videos there so I decided to make this so people can post their videos. If you can do this on the screenshots thread then just let me know and I'll post there and lock this. My Videos (these are not all of them...
  7. Herishey

    Enmity [EU] - Inv Only

    Intoduction Enmity is a reformed native clan founded by Hugoboss on the 9th of April. The clan is mainly lead by Sombie and TheGodlyBrit but other leaders are Vib and Herishey. The clan has almost 20 members and is currently competitive, to organise a match talk to Sombie. The clan is...
  8. Herishey

    Napoleonic Wars World Cup [NWWC|2015]

    Since FSE is down and has been for a while here's a thread here for discussion; GB v GER [Final] = 15-5 - To GB DK v FRA [Semi-Final] = 14-6 - To FRA Video of the final; Brackets; Cba to make another thread and since FSE is down I can't copy and paste my...
  9. Herishey

    77y Events (Herishey's Youtube)

    Recently started recording 77y Events on this account; Enjoy.
  10. Herishey

    77y Pehotny Polk

    Regimental Command: Col. Aztir Maj. Malakith The 77y is a strong and connected regiment that plays the Napoleonic Wars mod on Mount and Blade:Warband we use this TeamSpeak: , the 77y is one of the oldest remaining regiments on NW and one of the most skilled, each...
  11. Herishey

    Looking for a EU clan

    I have been playing Mount and Blade for a fair few months now (About 8) mostly NW with a fair bit of Mercenaries and PW. I have finally decided it is time to get into native multiplayer - I am looking for a clan that does events such as shield battles or clan wars or whatever they are called...
  12. Herishey

    57e Régiment d'infanterie de Ligne "Les Terribles" [EU]

    57e's Badge Who are the 57e? The 57e Régiment d'infanterie de Ligne is a European based regiment  (We do accept some North-American recruits), We are a very disciplined regiment but of course fun is still to be had, and have the goal of becoming one of the best but also casual regiments...
  13. Herishey

    3rd Panzer Division Totenkopf [EU]

    3rd Panzer Division Totenkopf History: The 3rd SS Panzer Division Totenkopf (skull), also known as the 3rd SS Panzergrenadier Division Totenkopf and 3rd SS Division Totenkopf during its existence, was one of 38 divisions of the Waffen-SS, the armed wing of the German Nazi Party...
  14. Herishey

    The Macedonian Hypaspists [EU]

    The Macedonian Hypaspists                                                                                                                                       History: The Hypaspists (Hypaspistai) were the elite arm of the Macedonian infantry. The word 'hypaspists' translates into English...