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  1. Hireing new troops in cities and forts.

    Someone screwed up good on translating. Even Google translates it right. Post that in
  2. Hireing new troops in cities and forts.

    It tells you (xx thalers xx days) Your troops will be ready in xx days. Something like that. I heard that there was/is a mistranslation in English version and instead of days there is some weird word.
  3. Useful tips to players

    Ask lords other than Cossacks or Polish.
  4. Two questions

    That how it was in russian 1.136 version but after 1.139 patch max profit I managed to get from caravans was 10k. Maybe the code will get changed in English version for the next patch.
  5. Hireing new troops in cities and forts.

    Wait 4 days and pick them up from that commander. Commander tells you that he accepts your order and it takes him a few days to find troops for you.
  6. Avrupa

    Sweden does not have a story.
  7. Another patch suggestion

    From first post:
  8. I have the Black Mace! I will help people to get it too! :)

    A Polish lord will tell you where the crypt is after your relations with him are 35+. A simple search with Google reveals the name. If you have 15+ intelligence you do not need to find Pafnuty. You are given an option to either switch to Barabash or remain with Khmelnitskyi. Barabash tries to...
  9. Janusz Radziwill WHERE ARE YOU!!!

    He will be in a Polish tavern. People have found him in Warsaw, I found him in Wilna. After some time in one tavern he travels to another.
  10. The Storylines

    Ask Cossack lords if they know anything about the mace. It will be a separate menu option towards bottom of options. If they say they don't know, keep asking. Eventually one of them tells you to go and find Clermont who rides in circles around Smolensk (traveler says he's in Smolensk, but he is...
  11. can't join any factions...

    What quest do you have listed? You cannot join a faction once you start a storyline.
  12. Companion Compatibility

    Mamai is required only for Black Mace (Cossack story). Zagloba is for Polish story.
  13. I have the Black Mace! I will help people to get it too! :)

    That is a starting mission for the Black mace story, you get it after you have 10+ relations with Cossacks. Steps I listed are to help to get to this mission.
  14. I have the Black Mace! I will help people to get it too! :)

    He might be traveling from city to city. Keep looking.
  15. Simple guide for Polish storyline

    You have to speak to Polish King first before Zagloba mentions that you need to renounce your oath to Khan.
  16. Shop ?

    You have a nice friend. Enjoy the full game now.
  17. I have the Black Mace! I will help people to get it too! :)

    He will be in a Polish tavern, people posted that they found him in Warsaw, I saw him in a different city. So start with Warsaw and check all other towns.
  18. is this the end?

    Yes you finished Cossack story. You can start new game and do 2 other stories.
  19. Shop ?

    Like Derraa said, bank will automatically convert currency. That's how it always happens to items I buy. How did you play before if your only buying now?
  20. Can not become vassel?

    If your relations with Moscovy is 5+ find Clermont near Smolensk and talk to him. He will give you a letter of recommendation to a Moscovite lord who will give you quest that start the story.