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  1. Pi Dan

    Wishes from Chinese players

    I am a Chinese player and a streamer with 120k followers. (My homepage) I started playing Mount&Blade since I was in primary school. And now I have enjoyed Mount&Blade II Multiplayer Beta for more than 520 hours. Thanks for the test key. In a few days, Mount&Blade II will be on sale. Wish...
  2. Pi Dan

    Doesn't it take horses to upgrade a cavalry?

    When I flipped through the video, I found: Trial video - 2018, the infantry will upgrade the cavalry and spend the horses in the goods column. Trial video - 2019, infantry upgrade cavalry, not required. Do you have any information on this? Is there any definite result? In the trial video of...
  3. Pi Dan

    [Video] Ten Kill In Succession with 140 Ping

    :D Fight by yourself. The delay is too high, so I can only use cavalry to fight. Version: Multiplayer beta [b0.4.3] Zone Service: European server Patterns: Custom - Team Deathmatch Delay: 140 ping Country: Battania vs. Empire Number of servers: about 55 Video time: 2:50 a.m. on December 21...